Our favourite Camino Christmas food

Our favourite Camino Christmas food

As we are all getting ready for the biggest feast of the year, the CaminoWays.com team picks their favourite and tastiest Christmas treats, have a read and find out about these mouth-watering Camino Christmas food:

Three Wise Men cake – Sabela

Sabela’s favourite is Roscón de Reyes or Three Wise Men cake.

“This cake is traditionally eaten on the Epiphany day, 6th of January, which is considered the end of Christmas in Spain. It has different variations, but they usually have small figures hidden inside (a baby Jesus small figure, or a small toy for kids and a dry bean), and a big paper crown on top. The person that finds the small figure will be the ‘queen’ or the ‘king’ and will wear the crown. But whoever finds the dry bean will have to pay for the Roscón!”

Rabanadas and octopus – Alex

Alex’s favourite Camino Christmas food is the Portuguese equivalent of French toast: rabanadas. Another Portuguese classic Christmas dish is cod with cabbage but he is not a big fan!
“There is also a dish from the Azores that is eaten on Christmas Eve which is roasted octopus with potatoes. For me it’s the best I’ve eaten on Christmas Eve. Also popular is roasted turkey with prunes and also chicken soup.”

Galician cod – Tania

Tania, from Santiago, likes to keep in with Galician tradition and her chosen dish is salted cod.
“On the night of 24th December one of the most famous and delicious dishes in my region, apart from the seafood!!, is boiled cod, cauliflower and potatoes with a special sauce made with garlic, sweet paprika and olive oil.”

Shellfish – Maria

Maria’s favourite Camino Christmas food is Galicia’s national foodie pride: seafood!
“Christmas food is all about seafood and shellfish in Galicia, as well as the classic salted cod. My personal favourite is spider crab, which my dad likes to ceremoniously prepare either for Christmas Eve or New Year’s. My mum makes a beautiful green sauce for clams, which is another Christmas favourite of mine.”

Canelones – Mireia

Mireia’s favourites, having grown up in Catalonia, are sopa de galets which is a kind of pasta soup traditional in Catalonia at Christmas time; and canelloni made with leftover meat from Christmas Eve.

Turkey with chestnuts – Paul

“Foie gras, oysters, snails, smoked salmon are often at the Christmas dinner in France. Each region, department and family has its own food traditions and there are hundreds of different meals on Christmas Eve. But Turkey with chestnuts is the French national traditional dish of Christmas Eve. For desserts, the French are mostly eating the Christmas Yule log.”

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