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Cycling the Camino de Santiago – How it Works

If you are thinking about camino cycling the last 200km with, we have prepared this useful list answering all your questions about your new best holiday friend: your bike!


How it Works

You have decided to cycle the Camino, you have booked your self-guided holiday and you are now wondering how it will work. We can also organise guided Camino de Santiago cycling tours for groups, contact our group team at

We recommend you cycle the Camino only if you have some experience as a cyclist and are familiar with essential bike maintenance such as changing a tube, fixing the chain if it comes off or attaching the pedals. If you are cycling for over a week we also recommend adding rest days, particularly if you are cycling with children. This would allow you to have a day’s rest and also explore some of the great cities and towns along the routes such as Burgos, León, Porto, etc…

Your bike will be delivered to your first hotel, ready for the following day: your first day cycling. The bike will be neatly packed in a box so the handlebar needs to be straightened and the pedals need to be attached and secured (instructions included). It is important you check the bike before you start your journey, making sure everything is working properly. If you think there is something not quite right, let us know so your bike can get replaced and avoid trouble on your way (in a way, it is similar to renting a car!).

Once you finish your cycling trip, your bike will be collected from your last hotel; if you have an ebike you should bring it back to the bike shop in Santiago. You can see full details in the general information document included in your holiday pack.

If mid-tour, you decide you don’t need some of the bike accessories (such as the pannier, etc…), make sure to pack them in your luggage so it can be transferred easily (avoiding additional charges and risk of losing the equipment). Our bike rental packages include a €100 refundable deposit. Do not leave pedals or any other bike accessories supplied behind in your hotel, as you will be charged for loss or damage of equipment.

A minimum period of 3 days (4 nights) applies when hiring a bike for your Camino de Santiago trip with; a minimum of 10 days if you are hiring an ebike.


What’s Included

Your bike: We work with local companies and you will get an aluminium 27-gear mountain bike with disc brakes and 27.5 inch wheels, as standard. These bikes are specifically designed for the Camino de Santiago terrain and will be adapted to your height (it is essential that you give the reservations team your exact height so you are provided with a suitable bike – particularly if you are cycling the Camino with children).

The bike comes with a rack, bottle holder, lock and reflectors. Contact our travel specialists if you would like to upgrade your hired bike.

Ebikes are available on selected routes, for Camino trips finishing in Santiago de Compostela.

Pannier Pack (see images to give you an idea of size): with a bike repair kit inside. (*If you don’t need it, just let us know in advance). The repair kit includes a pump, set of tools, spare inner tube and cables; as well as a simple label showing you how to carry out essential bike maintenance. It also comes with a bike lock.

Please note that the panniers are not water-proof so it advisable to bring a dry bag with you for the trip.

Helmet rental is also included as part of your package, but if you don’t need it and you rather bring your own, please let our team know. Bear in mind, by Spanish law, both cyclists must use officially approved protective helmets when riding outside urban areas (children under 16 should wear it at all times), except in long steep slopes, on the grounds of medical reasons or under extremely hot conditions. Failure to comply with this could result in a traffic fine.

Additional bike accessories such as waterproof paniers, GPS, child seat, gel seat cover, pedal strapless toe clip, Go Pro Camera, additional front bag and front holder for maps for instance can also be hired, just let our customer care team know when booking your trip.

If you are cycling the Camino with kids, let our travel consultants know in advance as we also have got various options: a bike seat for kids from 9 months up to 22kg (3-4 years of age approximately), bike trailer for toddlers and 24″ bikes for kids from 6-7 years of age (120cm min).

We will also give you suggestions for a children-friendly route/itinerary. We generally suggest covering approximately 25kms per day with children.

More details about the standard mountain bike:
Frame – Aluminium
Fork – Suntour SF-15 XCM RL
Pedals – Aluminium (not automatic)
Hubs – Shimano BRM 33
Front derailleur – Shimano FDM 370
Rear derailleur – Shimano RDM430 Alivio
Shifter – Shimano SLM 370 Altus
Disc brakes – Shimano AM355
Chain – KMC X9
Saddle – Selle Royal Mach
Rims – Mach Neuro Disc
Lights and safety retroreflectors

*Ebike: Ttrekking ebike available with 28″ wheel.



We have carefully planned the distances you will cover by bike on the Camino, taking into account the nature of the terrain, type of track and other circumstances such as the fact that the trail is shared with walkers in most cases. If you feel distances for your Camino cycle are too short or long, talk to our travel consultants when you are planning your trip. There is probably a good reason behind the mileage chosen, just ask us!

The Camino de Santiago routes cover thousands of miles so it is difficult to have someone on the ground at all times but relax, it runs smoothly all the time! has a 24/7 support number should you need assistance and advice (this number is provided with your booking/holiday pack); we also provide you with a support number from the bike provider. While we are not able to send someone to repair your bike on the Camino trail, our trusted providers will give you as much support as possible.

Your bike comes with a repair kit for essential repairs such as flat tyres and punctures. In the unlikely event that you had a second puncture, we can provide you with the contact details for the closest bike repair shop (you will be responsible for repair costs).

If you are in a remote area and don’t feel like walking, we can also get you contact details for local taxi drivers (a taxi transfer will be at your own cost).

If you feel you need a break from cycling, we might be able to organise a transfer for your bike but we will need 48hrs notice and there will be a cost associated to the bike transfer (as additional luggage transfer).

When cycling the Camino it is important to bear in mind you are sharing the tracks with walkers, so be mindful and respectful to other pilgrims, whether on foot or two wheels.

Enjoy the ride!

For more information about cycling the Camino, contact our travel specialists



  1. By Maria

    Hi Katre, thank you for getting in touch, we only include bike rental as part of our accommodation package, let us know if this would be of interest and we can email you a quote. Kindest regards.

  2. By Katre

    Hi! I would like rent bike for long time like one month, is this possible? And how much is rent cost for month? Thanks! Have a good day! :)

  3. By Maria

    Hi Trish, let us know if you need any assistance, it will be an amazing experience!

  4. By trish mcguaneq

    I am interested in cycling the camino in late sept early oct from St Jean de Pied to Santiago. I am interested in cycling every day taking in about 100km or more per day. Anyone else interested

  5. By Maria

    Hi Xav, at the moment we are not keeping lists or pairing pilgrims but the Camino Forum will be a good place to find other pilgrims travelling around the same dates. Let us know if you’d like us to prepare an itinerary for you. Kind regards and Buen Camino!

  6. By Xav


    I’m interested in cycling the camino in late September or early October from St. Jean Pied de Port to Leon or from Leon to Santiago de Compostela. Do you keep lists or are you able to put like minded cyclists together?

    Thanks and regards,

  7. By Lisa

    Hi Lindsey, thank you for your message. The town of Sutri is a nice meet up point within the last 100km of the Camino to Rome. You will find the full itinerary here for your perusal – If you have any questions relating to this trip please feel free to contact one of our travel specialists at Kind wishes, Lisa.

  8. By Lyndsey

    I am interested in walking the last 50 km to Rome – and meeting up with friends whom will be walking the last 100 km – where is the best place to meet and can I join up for that short a period ?
    Many thanks

  9. By Lisa

    Hi Colm, thank you for your message. I will need to follow up with our team to see if this type of bicycle is available. Please bare with us and a member of our team will send you the details you need for your upcoming trip. Kindest wishes, Lisa from CaminoWays.

  10. By Colm

    Hi my partner and I are looking for any information on cycling the Camino sometime,but I would need a treewheel E mountain bicycle I’ve been looking at these online, is it possible that they can be got for the cycle would like to here some information on this ,thanks colm

  11. By George D. Everhart III

    I want to do the longest route available. I am a solo ride and would be interested in sharing accommodate with either mail of female for defray some cost.

  12. By Maria

    Hi Ciara, thank you very much for getting in touch. You can cycle as much or as little as you like, bear in mind the our minimun period for bike rental would be 3 days (4 nights). It is also worth noting that if you’d like to receive the Compostela certificate, you’ll need to cycle at least the last 200kms into Santiago. Let us know if we can be of assistance and if you’d like to receive a quote. Kindest regards.

  13. By Ciara

    Can u complete a 2day cycle..

  14. By Maria

    Dear Kerri,

    Thank you for getting in touch. If you’d like to get the ‘Compostela’ pilgrim certificate you will need to cover at least the last 200kms of any of the Camino routes on the bike. For instance if you’d like to do the famous Camino Frances, you’ll need to start in Ponferrada. Have a look at the itinerary here:, while the standard package is 7 nights it can be extended to 10 nights to make the cycling days a bit shorter and easier. If you are happy to cycle a section without worrying about the certificate you could start at any point and cover less distance. Bike rental can be added to the standard package that includes accommodation and luggage transfers. Let us know if you need additional information.

  15. By Kerri Freese

    We are living in Salamanca this year and are interested in biking the Camino de Santiago. We are a family of 4: 2 adults and two children ages 16 and 13. I am not certain how long we are interested. We have never done an extended ride, but are avid cyclists.
    Would you mind sending additional information on renting bikes?
    Thank you and regards,

  16. By Maria

    Hi Des, thank you for getting in touch.

    You should be able to check it in but cost will depend on the airline. The closest airport if you are starting in St Jean would be Biarritz. We generally recommend cycling from Pamplona to avoid the Pyrenees. We would recommend you pack it in a cardboard box, removing the pedals and turning the handlebar. Correos, the Spanish postal service, has a specific pack for pilgrims to send their bikes back home from Santiago de Compostela, more info here: Let us know if you require any additional information or a quote/itinerary. You can have a look at our itinerary planner here, just click on cycling tab on the left. Kindest regards

  17. By


    I am considering a full Comino trip Summer autumn 2019

    I would like to bring my own hybrid bike

    Can you give me some indication of how to get self & bike from Ireland via Dublin to a starting point

    I understand total length should be circa 500 miles

    Any comments would be helpful to help plan this challenge.


  18. By Maria

    Thank you for getting in touch, Ann. Our groups team will send you details by email as soon as possible. Would you have any particular route in mind? Kindest regards.

  19. By Ann Norton

    am interested in doing the camino as a fund raiser for a charity.

    I would have around 20 cyclists interested for June or sept 2019. Could you give me details if possible cost and accommodation

    Thank you

    Ann Norton

  20. By Maria

    Dear Debra, thank you so much for getting in touch. Unfortunately we don’t have any facilities to tow adults at the moment. Would you consider walking? We have ‘Easy walking’ itineraries so they are more manageable in terms of distance covered each day (approximately 15kms /8 miles). There is also the option to take public transport (bus or taxi) part of the way or even a full day if she is struggling. Let us know what you think and if we can help with your itinerary. Kindest regards.

  21. By Debra

    Hello. I am a good cyclist but would like to travel with mom who cannot cycle @85 yo. Is there a way that I could tow her? She weighs about 120 lbs. Is the terrrain very bumpy? Any better ideas for someone not physically able like she?


  22. By Maria

    Hi Luc, thank you for getting in touch. You can find the itinerary here (just click on ‘cycling’ if you are looking to cycle): Would you like us to send you a trip quote and itinerary? If you only have 8 days we would recommend starting your Camino from Leon (approximately 300kms). Let us know if you need any help. Kind regards.

  23. By Luc Mertens

    Good day\
    I am planning the trip St jean de pied till santiago in 8 days
    where can `i find the route planning?

  24. By Maria

    Hi Peter, thank you for getting in touch with us. That sounds like a great trip. You would need 6 cycling days to cycle from Ponferrada if you’d like to get the Compostela certificate, see the itinerary here: (the climb to O Cebreiro is quite challenging). If you only have 4 days, you could start in O Cebreiro but you wouldn’t qualify for the certificate. It would be possible to use an ebike from Ponferrada to Santiago. Would you like us to send you some details or quote? Kind regards.

  25. By peter tiffin

    Looking at cycling with two teenage boys (19/18 yrs) – 4 days but want to do at least 200kms to obtain the certificate.

    Does the route from Ponferrada use ebikes?

    Looking at the route during the last week in Nov.


  26. By Maria

    Hi David, thank you for getting in touch. You could cycle the Camino Frances from Ponferrada in a week or the Portuguese Coastal route from Porto; the Camino Frances is the classic trail while the Portuguese route is really scenic. Porto has an international airport; while Ponferrada can be accessed by train from Madrid. Santiago de Compostela also has an international airport and a shuttle bus from the city. Let us know if we can help. Kind regards.

  27. By David Kiely

    Hello, I am interested in potentially a week trip on bicycle.I am flexible as to a route and would appreciate your input with regard to the best option. I would be interested in doing this in May 2019. Is it difficult to get to and from the airport, I would be grateful if I could get some information on this. Many thanks in advance. David

  28. By Maria

    Hi Myrna, thank you for getting in touch. The luggage transfer includes one bag of up to 20kg in most routes (15kg if you are doing the Le Puy Camino). We hope this helps. Please let us know if you have any additional questions before your trip. Kind regards.

  29. By Myrna

    What are size restrictions on the luggage Camino Ways transports from one hotel to the next? I am getting ready to pack and wanted to know what size suitcase I could bring along.

    Myrna Vallely

  30. By Maria

    Hi Veronica, thank you for getting in touch. Are you looking to walk or cycle? If you are interested in seeing Santiago, we would highly recommned the Finisterre Camino if you are looking for a 5-day trip. You can cycle from Santiago to Muxia in just 5 days or walk from Santiago to Cape Finisterre: You can also do it in reverse (from the coast to Santiago. We have other great coastal routes for instance the Portuguese Coastal Camino and the Camino del Norte: Let us know if you need further assistance, an itinerary or a quote. Kindest regards.

  31. By Veronica

    Hi Stgo-team, we are a couple wanting to enjoy el Camino but we only have 5 days. We would like to enjoy a route nearby the beach, starting from August 7. What could you suggest us? Thank you!

  32. By Maria

    Dear Tamara, if you have two weeks to cycle the Camino we would suggest starting in Burgos. This would be a 14-night trip (13 cycling days). Our standard package inclucing accommodation and luggage transfers, as well as route notes and pilgrim passport would cost €2744 for 2 people sharing either a double or twin room. Dinners, bike rental and upgrades are also available. Let our team know if you’d like to receive a quote, our email is

  33. By Tamara F.

    Is it possible to bike the entire Camino trail in 14 days? Also I did not see any prices.

  34. By Maria

    Hi Margaret, the Portuguese Coastal route has fantastic scenery and so does the Camino del Norte 10 days would be perfect to complete the route and spend a additional day in Santiago. Let us know if we can help, if you’d like to receive a quote or itinerary by email. Kind regards.

  35. By Margaret Hrushesky

    I think I have read too much about el camino; blisters, bed bugs, great people, biking, walking…where to start etc….I am 62, in decent shape (over weight) love to bike, do not wan tot get blisters, and I am not in a hurry. What do you recommend? .

  36. By Maria

    You definitely can bring your own bike and we can look after the accommodation and luggage transfers for you. Let us know if you would like to receive a quote. Kindest regards. Maria

  37. By Gbv

    Can I bring my own Mtn bike.

  38. By Maria

    Hi Thrilliam, we haven’t heard of anybody using a cargo bike to do the Camino. We generally recommend mountain bikes so they are suitable for the tracks as well as the road and gravel. In some parts you will be able to take a road detour with the bike, indeed. We hope this helps.

  39. By Thrilliam

    Hello Maria – I am considering completing the Camino Frances with my mother in a 3-wheel Nihola Cargo bike. We would continue the Camino from Burgos. Have you known anyone to take this style of bike on the Camino? I can understand if there are some places where it is important to deviate from the trail for less steep terrain. Thank you in advance

  40. By Maria

    Hi Mark, we would suggest mixed usage tyre or an ordinary off-road tyre. We hope this helps, let us know if you need anything else. Kind regards.

  41. By Mark


    What bicycle mtb tyres would you recommend for Camino del Norte?

  42. By Maria

    Hi Borislav, thank you for getting in touch. In 10 days we would recommend you start cycling the Camino in Leon (approx 300kms) you can see itinerary here: We can provide rental as part of your package and the bikes will be delivered to your first hotel. Let us know if you need any additional information, a quote, etc… Kind regards.

  43. By Borislav


    I am looking to bike Camino Frances with a friend of mine, probably starting in the middle of April.

    We are a bit constrained time-wise, hence, I am looking whether we can make it in about 10 days, without losing the joy of the adventure. We are moderately fit, so biking 6-7hours a day would be ok.

    Would you advise whether this plan is reasonable and if so, could you give us more details on a possible daily sections, as well as confirmation that we can rent and leave the bikes near the start and finish points respectively.

    Thank you in advance!

    Best regards,

  44. By Lisa

    Hi Catherine, thank you for your message. One of our travel specialists will be in touch to provide you with the best itinerary suitable for your group. The most popular route is the Camino Frances and you will find all of the details here: but there are many beautiful routes to choose from depending on the way you wish to travel (walk or cycle) and the amount of time that you have. Please feel free to get in touch with us anytime at Kindest regards, Lisa from

  45. By Catherine O Brien

    Hi,we are interested in doing one of the Caminos in August can you recommend the easiest route and cost for 4 adults including bike rental. Thank you

  46. By Lisa

    Hi Siobhan, thank you for your message. Cycling the Camino is a wonderful trip to do with your family. Some sections of the Northern Way have more elevation than the Camino Frances. The elevations vary depending on how many days you are planning to cycle and the cost varies depending on the length of the route you choose to do. On average you would be cycling between 35 – 50 kms per day but we can customise any of the routes to suit your family. I will ask our travel team to send you the full details and a free quote for the route that you are interested in so that you can read through the details. I hope that this helps. Buen Camino, Lisa from

  47. By siobhan cronin

    I am very interested in cycling the northern route with my husband and three children aged 13 – 15 years. Can you advise me regarding cost of bike hire and routes / elevations.
    Kind rgards

  48. By Maria

    Hi Domhnall, thank you for getting in touch. Our customer care team will send you some details, of course! Let us know if you need anything else.

  49. By Domhnall

    Hi I’m interested in doing the cycle from porto to santiago. Would it be possible to get an itinerary and quote for a group (5 people) for 6/7 days?


  50. By Maria

    Thank you for getting in contact, Carmen. Our Customer Care team is looking into it and they’ll send you some details shortly. Kind regards.

  51. By Carmen

    We would like a guided tour for the last part of el camino, would like to do 3 days/2 nights next week in January, is this possible?

  52. By Maria

    Hi Eileen
    Thank you for getting in touch. Our Customer Care team will send you some details by email. Kind regards.

  53. By Eileen

    Could I rent a bike to join walking friends who were doing your self guided tour from Porto to Santiago? How would that work so we could have the same accommodations, etc. and about how much more to rent the bike? Thanks

  54. By Maria

    Hi Bob, thank you for getting in touch, you can find our full Camino del Norte route here:, our customer care team will email you a quote for a full itinerary including accommodation and bike rental. Let us know if you need anything else. Kind regards

  55. By Bob

    I am strongly interested in cycling the Northern Camino. Can you send me the details on renting bikes and the exact route (maybe in the form of a google map) you recommend. Thanks!

  56. By Lisa

    Hi Courtney, thank you for your comment. We usually recommend to cycle an average of 50km per day and take a couple of rest days throughout your trip. Some cities and towns are ideal for an extra night, e.g. Sevilla, Caceres, Salamanca, Puebla de Sanabria and Santiago. We are happy to send you a full cycling itinerary if you wish and you can find more information on cycling the Camino here: Kindest wishes, Lisa from CaminoWays

  57. By Courtney

    Hey, team! Any recommendations for stops to include if cycling the Via de la Plata? I’d like to make sure I don’t put myself in too challenging terrain in any one day. When building a route, all stops are selected (as would be appropriate for the walk), but if there is a general recommendation for which stops to maintain for the cycling portion, that would be great. Thanks!

  58. By Maria

    Dear Chris, thank you for getting in contact. The Portuguese Coastal Camino route would be fantastic for a small group of cyclists and you will be able to cycle Porto to Santiago in a week, covering an average of 40-50kms per day, we would recommend adding an extra night in Porto and Santiago to explore these wonderful cities: Our Customer Care team will be in contact with more details, let us know if you need anything else. Kindest regards.

  59. By Chris

    We have a small group of cyclists with a broad range of skills. Is the Portuguese way going to work for a 7 to 10 day trip? 40-50km per day is about right for the group.

  60. By Maria

    Dear Luc, thank you for getting in touch. Our customer care team will prepare an itinerary for cycling the Camino. We generally recommend cycling around 50-60kms per day (the equivalent of 2 walking stages), particularly if you are cycling on the trail and not roads. However if you want to do more kms per day, that’s also possible. Have a look at our tailor made page where you can design your tour:

  61. By Luc Mertens


    I am planning a bike trip but with daily trips of 80-100 km (start in St Jean pied -maybe 2 first days only 60 )
    Can you help to setup a travelplan .I can spend 10 days total

    Thanks in advance

  62. By Maria

    Hi Michael, thank you for getting in touch. We generally recommend starting the cycle from Pamplona to avoid the climb from St Jean Pied de Port. I hope this helps. Let us know if you need anything else.

  63. By Michael

    Do many people bicycle from St Jean pied de port to Pamplona?
    I realize it’s a tough climb.

  64. By Maria

    Hi Mary Rose, thank you for getting in contact. It is definitely possible to cycle part and walk the rest of the trail. We can organise bike rental for selected sections if you prefer. Let us know if we can help. Kind regards.

  65. By Mary Rose Lepore

    I wanted to know if it is possible to cycle part of the trail and to walk the rest. I view it as the best of both worlds, but also it will be quicker.

  66. By Maria

    Hi Jill, thank you for getting in touch. It only takes three days to walk from Saint Jean to Pamplona. We recommend cycling from Pamplona as the first day out of Saint Jean is the toughest of the whole journey and very challenging on a bike. You can definitely cycle the same distance as your husband, covering 20-25kms per day, and either keep to his pace or stop in some of the villages to wait for him. There are many cities and towns along the Camino worth exploring and arriving a bit earlier will give you the opportunity to do so. I hope this helps. Let us know if you need any additional information. Kindest regards.

  67. By Jill Moore

    Hello Lisa,
    Like Tom I would like to bike the Camino while my husband wants to walk the French Way 500 miles.
    I noticed you said that the first part is not good for bikes and you don’t rent bikes from St Jean de Pied.
    How many days would it take my husband to walk from Pied to Pamploma where you do rent bikes?
    I can bike for miles but my feet would not let me walk the 500 miles.
    I would like to go slowly by bike with my husband and not do 50 km a day and do 20-25 km a day. Can I explore other areas off the Camino while my husband is walking and taking longer?
    Thank you

  68. By Lisa

    Hi Caryl, thank you for your enquiry. To cycle from Barcelona to St Jean Pied de port which is the start of the French Way you would be cycling approximately 500kms. You could choose to start in Pamplona which is 450 kms from Barcelona. To walk the full French Way takes approximately 35 nights to complete. If you would like to get more information on the route you can contact our travel team at any time on Kindest regards, Lisa.

  69. By Caryl

    A friend and I would like to cycle from Barcelona to the French Way then walk the French Way to the Santiago. Approximately how much time would something like that take?

  70. By Lisa

    Hi Tricia, thank you for your message. Each of the hotels we work with have a secure place to store the bikes overnight and locks are also provided. Kindest regards, Lisa.

  71. Hello, are there secure locks for the bikes at the hotels for overnight?

  72. By Lisa

    Hi Mariah, thank you for your comment. To cycle the Camino you will need to cycle at least 200kms to collect your pilgrim certificate. The best cycling option for a short period would be the cycling from Leon to Santiago over 7 nights – However to get a taste of what the Camino has to offer and experience the route over a shorter distance you could opt to cycle the Finisterre Way over 4 nights which would take you from Santiago to Muxia – If you would like more information on either of these routes please feel free to contact our travel team on Kindest regards, Lisa.

  73. By Mariah

    We would really love to bike a section of the Camino de Santiago, but we only have 4 days. Is there a section of the way you recommend for so little time?

  74. By Lisa

    Hi Tom, great to hear that you plan to complete the Camino with your wife. Please note that we do not provide any cycling on section one from St Jean Pied de Port to Pamplona as the terrain is quite difficult and unsuitable for cycling. If you wish to rent a bike we can include this from Pamplona onwards. If you plan to complete the route with someone else, we typically recommend that you both walk or both cycle. Our cycling distances cover an average of 50km per day while the walking itinerary covers an average of 20km per day. As such, you would not be on the same schedule and you would arrive to Santiago much in advance of your wife. Please bear in mind that we only recommend cycling the Camino for experienced cyclists, familiar with routine bike maintenance. One of our travel specialists will be in touch directly and they can advise on the best options for your trip and give you some more details. Kindest regards, Lisa.

  75. By Tom Ward

    I plan to cycle the Camino Francis while my wife walks it. We are planning on about 41 days. Can I rent a bike in RONCESVALLES and turn it in at Santiago? We would also like to have private rooms reserved along the way and baggage transport. Can you give us an estimate of the cost for this package?

  76. By Maria

    Hi David, not at the moment, our cycling packages include hybrid bikes ideal for both tracks and road. I hope this helps. Kindest regards.

  77. By David miller

    Can I hire an electric bicycle

  78. By Maria

    Hi Robert, you can see the elevation for that route here: (click on the itinerary tab), you will see there are a few good climbs on the route (Montes de Leon and O Cebreiro being the toughest). On the standard itinerary from Leon to Santiago over a week you will cycle between 42 and 61kms per day but if the group is not very experienced you could choose to start from Ponferrada instead to make it more manageable cycling 23km to 50kms per day instead. I hope this helps, let us know if you need additional information. Kindest regards. Maria

  79. By Robert Paine

    Can you help me locate information on the cycling route and difficulty and recommended experience level of the Camino French Way between Leon and Compostela. Some members of our group may not be experienced cyclists with the hill climbs along this route. Can you provide help on where we can find information on difficulty of the cycling route to be expected.

  80. By Maria

    Hi Katarina, from Bilbao you could follow the Camino del Norte, see the full itinerary:; you could cycle Bilbao to Santiago in 17 nights, or indeed do a section walking and then cycling. There is no Camino route joining Bilbao and Burgos. From Burgos/Leon you would be on the Camino Frances: Let us know if we can help.

  81. By katarina

    Hi Camino ways team!

    Im arriving to Bilbao on 5th of March in the morning to walk/bike till Santiago. I was thinking to experiance both. Either start already from Bilbao or Burgos till Leon with the bike and than following Csmino Francés. Or first walking from Burgos and than from Leon to Santiago with bike. I have max 3 weeks vacation. What would you reccomend me and what are your prices?

    Thank you very much for the answer and details.

  82. By Lisa

    Hi Nelly, thanks for your enquiry and it is great to hear that you are thinking of cycling part of the Northern Way. Please note that our cycling itinerary starts in Bilbao as the terrain up as far as Bilbao is not particularly suitable for cycling. Our customer care team will get in touch with more details on the route. Kind regards, Lisa.

  83. By Nelly

    I’m thinking of biking el Camino next spring, potentially with my 12 year old son. I’m thinking about starting in Bayonne and continuing on to El Camino del Norte. Would you deliver the bikes to Bayonne or would we have to pick them up in Irun? Also, could you send me pricing for the bike rentals.

    Thank You,

  84. By Maria

    Thank you for your note, Trace. Cycling the classic Camino Portugues from Porto to Santiago would take 7 nights (6 cycling days) covering between 24 and 57kms, see the full itinerary here: (you could always combine the last two days cycling 64kms instead of 40 and 24). Another option would be to cycle the Portuguese Coastal Way, with similar distances but taking you along the coast. Less pilgrims but very scenic. I hope this helps Trace. Let us know if you’d like us to prepare an itinerary. Kind regards. Maria

  85. By Trace-Western Australia

    How many Km’s on average would you have to do from Porto to Santiago please?

    We have 5 days.

  86. By Maria

    Hi Kat

    We provide bike hire as part of the full package (accommodation; and luggage transfers if required). I’ll get our Customer Care team to send you details.

  87. By kat healy

    I wish to cycle for 12 days in July, please give me the price of bike hire for 2

  88. By Maria

    Hi Paul, thank you for getting in touch. You can fly from London to Madrid Barajas airport and there take a direct bus to León (about 4hrs). Alternatively, you could fly to Asturias airport (Easyjet); there are no direct buses to León city but you can get a bus to Oviedo (46kms) and then bus to León (3hrs approx). Easyjet flies direct from Santiago de Compostela back to London (Gatwick) and Ryanair to Stansted. I hope this helps. Let us know if you would like to receive an itinerary and quote. Kind regards.

  89. By Paul

    Hi – your all inclusive cycle deals look good – two of us are looking to cycle from Leon in May…what’s the best price options re geting. there from London and then back from Santiago?

  90. By Maria

    Hi Morven, that sounds like a good idea, combining walking and cycling. You can cycle most of the Camino Frances following the trails as the walkers, provided you have a suitable bike. In some cases, if there are steps for instance, there will be signs to indicate a detour or alternative route for bikes, getting you back to the trail. Also bear in mind if the trail is busy with walkers you might need to get off the bike in some parts. I hope this helps. Let us know if you need any additional information or a quote.

  91. By Morven

    My dad and I are thinking of walking from St. Jean to Pamplona and then Traveling by bike to Burgos or potentially Leon. How much of the cycling trip is on the actually walking paths of the camino and how much of it is on roads? We would really like to cycle as much as possible on the actual walking paths of the camino.


  92. By Maria

    Hi Eva, thank you for your note. Unfortunately we don’t have a guided cycling tour on the Portugues Camino, but we have a guided tour on the coastal way in May and September. See dates for all our guided options here: Alternatively you could opt for the self-guided tour cycling from Porto to Santiago: Let us know if we can help.

  93. I am interested in your guided bike tour of the portugess camino. What are the dates in spring and summer 2016. the km daily ,route and the cost.

  94. By Lisa

    Hi Jen,

    No problem at all to combine walking and cycling on the route. One of our sales team will be in touch and will send you the full details. All of the trips can be tailored to suit your requirements. Best wishes, Lisa.

  95. By Jen

    Can you complete part of the trail by bike and part walking in order to have both experiences but also to complete it on time we have allotted for vacation with our work?

  96. By Maria

    Hi James, we can organise bike rental as part of our Camino packages. If you are looking at the French Way, you can start in Pamplona (2 weeks to Santiago) or you could start in León (1 week to Santiago). See here: let us know if we can help. Kind regards.

  97. By james henson

    two traveling needing mtn bikes to rent. WE want to bike the camino 14 days….where should we start and where do we fly into?

  98. By Maria

    Hi Adrienne, you would need 15 days to cycle the whole French Way route but you could cover from Astorga or Ponferrada to Santiago in 5 cycling days, see full cycling itinerary here: I hope this helps, let us know if you need anything else. Kind regards.

  99. By adrienne

    can I cycle the entire trip over 5 days

  100. By Maria

    Hi Eugene and Irish. All bikes include a pannier rack and the panniers included will be similar to the ones in the picture. Approx dimensions: 46x32x50cm. If you want to bring your own panniers, that’s ok too but please let the team know when booking so we can communicate with the bike rental company and not include panniers as part of the pack. I hope this helps! Kind regards

  101. By Eugene Sander

    Please give detailed dimensions of the panniers

  102. By Iris Nacey

    I am wondering how big the panniers are on the bikes. Can you give me the dimensions of the pannier. Is there a rack on the back of the bike that I could attach my own bigger panniers.

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