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Dinner on the Camino

What do people wear at dinner? FAQ

Always remember that this tour is for you! We do rest and dine at exclusive properties, but the most important thing is your comfort. Whether you wear your North Face sweater, or your Armani black dress you will always fit in with the CaminoWay.com’s family.

Clothing on the Camino

What do I wear after walking / cycling? FAQ

Clothing and shoes for restaurants, fleece jacket or warm sweater, sport coat, dress walking/hiking shorts, socks, sleep-wear. It is Europe, here we tend to look very nice. 🙂

What to wear to the Camino?

The Camino de Santiago is a big adventure and needs to be taken seriously. For this reason we have designed a Free Packing Guide and prepared a list of gear you should take to the Camino. Of course this list will need to be adapted to your personal preferences as well as the season and section of …

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