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Camino Guided Tour or Self-Guided?

So you have decided that you want to walk the famous Camino de Santiago. Well done on taking the first step on your unforgettable journey. But what kind of Camino is for you? You can choose to travel independently or join a group with our Camino guided tours, led by experienced Camino guides.

Both experiences are amazing but can be very different. It really comes down to personal preference at the end of the day. This guide will help you decide the best fit for you!



If you go for a guided tour you will experience the Camino with a group of fellow enthusiastic pilgrims. When you touch down in Santiago you’ll be collected from the airport and brought to your hotel. Our Camino groups stay together in the same hotel, and often share dinner. There is a brilliant social vibe to the group tours and lots of our former pilgrims have remained friends with their group long after they’ve hung up their walking boots.

Check out this review from Margaret who walked with us as part of a group. That’s not to say you can’t stray from the group at your leisure, of course you can. Our expert Camino guide is there for any support you might need, and to keep you clued in about local history and culture along the way.

The guides are all passionate local walkers, so you’re guaranteed an authentic experience and some insider information! Our group tours are restricted to set dates, to ensure that we get enough walkers signed up. You can find the date that suits you best here: Camino guided tour dates.



Our self-guided Camino tours offer a similar experience in terms of luggage transfers, food options and accommodation. The crowning glory of the self-guided option is the pure flexibility and freedom it provides. You won’t be restricted to particular travel dates or specific routes like the group tour, you can plan your trip as you please using our tailor-made booking system to build your own perfect Camino.

The distances you walk and the towns you stay in along the way are entirely up to you. With a guided tour, the days are planned and carefully structured in advance but you are the master of your own universe with a self-guided tour (as long as you follow the trail!). Our travel specialists are always available to give you advice and help you plan the trip.

We will be provide you with detailed walking notes to ensure you don’t get lost or miss any points of interest. If you are travelling with friends or in a group we’d recommend a self-guided tour.

Still undecided? Check out our handy table below:

Check out this year’s departures here: Camino guided tours.

For more information on any of our Camino tours please contact our travel specialists



  1. By Maria

    Hi Angela, thank you very much for getting in contact. It is possible to stop in Nigran so it would mean having a short first day (8kms) before continuing to Vigo. I hope this helps, let us know if you require further assistance. Kind regards.

  2. By angela

    On the camino portuguese coastal last 100km I note that the first day Baiona to Vigo is 28Km. Is there any way to split up this day ? thank you

  3. By Maria

    Hi Ernst, certainly. Would you have a particular Camino route in mind? Because you have over three weeks, you could start your Camino Frances in Leon for instance (it will take you approximately 3 weeks to walk from Leon to Santiago) if you are looking for the classic Camino experience Another great option Camino Portugues from Porto along the Coast taking a few extra days to explore Porto and rest days along the route (for instance Vigo, to visit the Cies Islands; and a couple of additional days in Santiago or continue on to Cape Fisterra) Let us know if you’d like us to prepare a quote for you. Kind regards

  4. By Ernst Gouws

    Good day.

    I am a solo traveller. Can you please advise me on some deals. My travel dates will be between 12 June 2020 and 7 July 2020.


  5. By Maria

    Dear Sharon, thank you very much for getting in touch. We have a selection of ‘Easy Walking’ itineraries where the average daily walk is 5-8 miles per day. If you are travelling from Lisbon or Porto, the route coming from Portugal will be more suitable, for instance you could take public transport to Vigo and then start your walk from there, see itinerary here: Let us know what you think and if you’d require a more detailed itinerary and quote. Kindest regards.

  6. By Sharon Sanders

    Hello, my spouse and I would like to walk part of the camino in late March or early May. We will be in Valencia for the month of April. Due to health issues, an easier walk is ideal- 5-8 a day. We would like a short self-guided walk with luggag transfers hotels booked for us. Right now we are planning to fly to Lisbon, train or bus to the starting point and go from there. What do you recommend? Thank you!

  7. By Maria

    Dear Jan, thank you very much for getting in touch. Are you looking to walk the full route or part of it? We’ll probably have a scheduled departure for guided tours for cyclists in 2020 but we have to finalise dates. We’ll be announcing them in the newsletter in the coming months. Our colleagues will email you with details for a private guide also, in case that could be of interest. I hope this helps. Kindest regards.

  8. By Jan Westenborg

    Hi! My daughter and I are thinking about biking the Camino in 2020. Both of us have some, but not a lot, of biking experience. I see that you recommend guided tours for beginning cyclists. However, I don’t see any guided tours for cyclists on your schedule for 2019. Do you do pre-scheduled guided tours for those wishing to cycle the Camino? If you do not do pre-scheduled tours is the only option then to hire our own guide for the ‘guided’ option? If so, how does that work and what is the cost?

    Otherwise, I do have some cycling experience including changing tires and the like, primarily in the college days, not much since becoming an adult. That was some time ago and I could ressurect the skills, just wondering what you might recommend.

    Please let me know.

  9. By Maria

    Hi Min, there are many solo travellers on the Camino and many of our clients (both female and male) have completed the trail on their own so it’s definitely doable. Let us know if we can help.

  10. By Min

    Hi, I am considering doing this on my own. Just wondering how safe would it be for a solo female to walk this trail on her own? Any one done it thus far? Thank you.


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