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Guided or Self-Guided Camino Tour? FAQ

Guided or Self-Guided Camino Tour?

Should I choose a Guided or Self-Guided Camino Tour? So you have decided that you want to walk the famous Camino de Santiago. Well done on taking the first step on your unforgettable journey. But which of the Camino routes is for you?

You can also choose to travel independently or join a group with our Camino guided tours, led by our experienced Camino guides. Both experiences are amazing but can be very different. It really comes down to personal preference at the end of the day.

This guide will help you decide the best fit for you! So, Guided or Self-Guided Camino Tour?

Camino Guided or Self-Guided Tour


If you go for a guided tour you will experience the Camino with a group of fellow enthusiastic pilgrims. When you touch down in Santiago you’ll be collected from the airport and brought to your hotel. Our Camino groups stay together in the same hotel and often share dinner. There is a brilliant social vibe to the group tours and lots of our former pilgrims have remained friends with their group long after they’ve hung up their walking boots.

Check out this review from Margaret who walked with us as part of a group. That’s not to say you can’t stray from the group at your leisure, of course, you can. Our expert Camino guide is there for any support you might need, and to keep you clued in about local history and culture along the way.

The guides are all passionate local walkers, so you’re guaranteed an authentic experience and some insider information! Our group tours are restricted to set dates, to ensure that we get enough walkers signed up. You can find the date that suits you best here: Camino guided tour dates.



Our self-guided Camino tours offer a similar experience in terms of luggage transfers, food options and accommodation. The crowning glory of the self-guided option is the pure flexibility and freedom it provides. You won’t be restricted to particular travel dates or specific routes like the group tour, you can plan your trip as you please using our tailor-made booking system to build your own perfect Camino.

The distances you walk and the towns you stay in along the way are entirely up to you. With a guided tour, the days are planned and carefully structured in advance but you are the master of your own universe with a self-guided tour (as long as you follow the trail!). Our travel specialists are always available to give you advice and help you plan the trip.

We will provide you with detailed walking notes to ensure you don’t get lost or miss any points of interest. If you are travelling with friends or in a group we’d recommend a self-guided tour.

Still undecided? Guided Camino or Self-Guided Camino Tour? Check out our handy table below:

Check out this year’s departures here: Camino guided tours.

For more information on any of our Camino tours please contact our travel specialists



  1. By Sarah

    Hi Jay,

    Thanks for your message and happy to hear you’re interested in walking the Camino de Santiago. I imagine you are referring to guided tours here. You will find more specific information about our guided tours and how to book them here:
    As you can see from the above link, we have a guided tour from Sarria on April 23rd and then one to Finisterre on May 7th, so it is possible to do both. I would recommend getting in touch with our travel experts who will be able to answer all your queries via email, phone or video call, whatever your preference. You can contact them directly here:
    Finally, you are able to customize accommodation via the route planner or in the individual group trip. If you are travelling alone, you will have a single room without roommates, this can be selected when you are booking a guided tour. Please see more information here:
    If you have any other queries not answered above, please don’t hesitate to get in touch at [email protected]

  2. By Jay Bachicha

    I can’t find information on accommodation details–if one is traveling solo with the group, are they given roommates or are the rooms single occupancy? Also can tours be combined, as with the Camino Frances from Saria and then on to Finisterre? thanks!

  3. By Sarah

    Hi Alison,
    It all comes down to personal preference and great to hear that you’re planning to walk the Camino, you’re never too old or young.
    If you need help with anything or have any questions you’d like some advice on, you can contact our travel specialists here:

  4. By Sarah

    Hi Annette,
    Thanks for your message, we can absolutely assist you with planning your trip. Please get in touch via our contact form and we’ll be able to assist you better there and talk on the phone if it’s easier for you:
    You can also customise your trip in terms of accommodation, luggage transfers and more via our route planner here:
    If you have any further questions or queries, please don’t hesitate to email us at [email protected]

  5. By Annette Obrien

    can you help us plan a self guided tour? thank you.

    advise accommodations types… good medium fair.. one of friends wants stay in the nice monastries etc. we also need to know that our luggage can be transported if needed to next accommodation etc.

    budget per person varied..

    thank you

  6. By Alison McKee

    With self guided with luggage transfer, one still has to book all accomm before departure, so I can’t quite see the advantage over a guided tour?

    Going with you I feel one would miss out on the spontaneity of meeting different people at different stages – but could feel stressed at not knowing if one would get a bed for the night? (by the time I do it I’ll be 73)

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