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The Celtic Camino: From Ireland to Santiago

The Celtic Camino: from Ireland to Santiago

Traditionally, Camino pilgrims would start their journey from their own homes, and various Camino de Santiago routes developed over time, crossing most of Europe.

The so-called Camino Ingles, or the English Camino, was the route preferred by British and Irish pilgrims on their way to Santiago, as well as other pilgrims from northern Europe.

Pilgrims would take a boat from the main ports in their countries and land in the North of Spain to continue their journey to the Holy Cathedral.


There are two main starting points on this Camino route: Ferrol and A Coruña, in Galicia.

In order to receive their Compostela pilgrim certificate in Santiago de Compostela, pilgrims must complete at least the last 100kms of any Camino route.

The Camino from A Coruña

While A Coruña is a traditional starting point, it is only 75kms away from Santiago, meaning pilgrims wouldn’t be able to obtain their Compostela certificate in Santiago.

The Camino Society Ireland has announced a new Irish ‘Compostela’ that pilgrims can request in St James Church in Dublin after completing 25kms of any pilgrim trail in Ireland.

This certificate can then be used by pilgrims to complete the journey from A Coruña to Santiago and request their Compostela in Santiago.

This is known as the Celtic Camino.

The Celtic Camino offers self-guided tours on the Camino Ingles starting from A Coruña for those pilgrims looking to experience the Celtic Camino, you can find more details here: Camino Ingles from A Coruña.

If you are looking to start your journey in Ireland we highly recommend the Kerry Camino trail from Tralee to St James Chuch in Dingle, in the wonderful West of Ireland.


You can find a list of suggested walks in Ireland on the Camino Society website.

If you are a pilgrim from the UK you’ll be delighted to know it is now also possible to get your Compostela certificate from A Coruña if you complete 25kms of the St Michael’s Way, Way of St Andrews or Pilgrims Way to Canterbury, you can find details on the Confraternity of St James website; as well as the Finchale Camino Inglés in Durham, The Saints´ Way (Padstow to Fowey in Cornwall) or St James’ Way from Reading to Southampton.

We were delighted to support the Celtic Camino Festival in 2018 and we hope to bring this important link between Ireland and the Camino back again as soon as possible!

For more information about the Celtic Camino, starting your Camino journey from Ireland or A Coruña, contact our travel specialists:



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