The Finisterre Camino Camino de Fisterra and Muxia

Walking or Cycling
5 Nights (opt 7 Nights)
121 km
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All Year Round
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Catherine, UK - July 2016
"To celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary we walked from Santiago de Compostela to Finisterre in early July. When we arrived in Santiago de Compostela, I remarked to my husband that a lot of people were limping. By the weekend it was me who was limping into the cathedral but after a wonderful five days walking with Caminoways, I had no regrets. Only on the first day we took food with us and subsequently we realised that there were bars and cafes all along the route and it was nicer to eat freshly prepared local food. We did carry water but it's not really necessary as fountains and cafes were readily available. It was a big plus not carrying our bags as the baggage transfer worked perfectly. The hotels booked for us by Caminoways were all great with friendly staff who despite our lack of Spanish went out of their way to help us with anything. Meals and pick ups all worked perfectly. It was nice to have the walking notes so we could read ahead and know what to expect but they weren't really necessary as the route was so well marked and locals always helped out if the way wasn't clear. This was a very special experience and I look forward to walking again Caminoways."
Mary, United States - September 2016
"This September I did my second trip with Camino Ways. My husband and I walked for 16 days. We started in Porto, Portugal and walked to Santiago (12 days) and then on to Finisterre (4 days.) I highly recommend Camino Ways! They handled the accommodations, which included breakfast every day and dinner 12 nights. This Camino is not nearly as popular as the French Way, but it is very lovely. I took hundreds of pictures. Each day was an exciting adventure. The luggage transfers worked perfectly. What a pleasure to only carry your day back and have your luggage shuttled to the next destination."
Kathy Lee, USA - 10/2012
All the accommodations were wonderful, especially in Finisterra. The bags were delivered as promised each day. The preparation and instructions were very helpful and I appreciated being able to ask all the questions before hand and receiving prompt replys. I would recommend Camino Ways to anyone thinking about making this pilgrimage on the Camino. Having Camino Ways as our support made the “walk” enjoyable and worry free.
Laura, USA - 08/2013
The ease and comfort of having your baggage safely moved from hotel to hotel was a great luxury. The food and lodgings were another added comfort at the end of each walking day. But more important, was having communication with very friendly and hospitable Camino staff prior to our trip. Emails and phone calls answered all questions to complete my planning. And just a few days before my departure, I got another call, just to check in with me. All this reassured me that Camino Ways has the pilgrims concerns at the highest priority!! I’ll be booking again with Camino Ways! Buen Camino!”

Walk to the Atlantic Coast and ‘Edge of the World’ along the magical Finisterre Camino or Camino de Fisterra, in a land full of fascinating traditions, delicious seafood and spectacular scenery.

The quiet Finisterre Camino is a unique route, as it is the only Camino trail starting in Santiago de Compostela and heading West to the Altantic Ocean and Cape Fisterra. This is an ancient trail linked to the pre-christian origins of the Camino de Santiago.

Quiet villages and hamlets, remote farmland and unspoiled countryside await on this Camino route to the sea cliffs of the westernmost point in Spain, at Cape Fisterra.

After Fisterra, we recommend you continue your journey along the craggy coastline of Atlantic Galicia to the fishing village of Muxía, famed for its sanctuary by the ocean and ‘magic’ stones. This stunning region of Galicia is known as the ‘Costa da Morte’ famous for its wild beauty, seafood and interesting legends.

On this Camino you can claim your ‘Finisterrana’ pilgrim certificate in Fisterra and a ‘Muxiana’ pilgrim certificate if you continue along the coast to Muxía.

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