Happy World Tapas Day!

For World Tapas Day (yes apparently that’s a real thing) the CaminoWays.com team have put together a list of our absolute favourite dishes.  Although, it’s not as if we needed an excuse to talk about Spanish food …

The word tapa comes from the Spanish verb tapar meaning “to cover”. The culture of tapas was believed to have originated in taverns in the sunny region of Andalucia. Slices of meat or bread were used to cover drinks in order to protect them from fruit flies. Bartenders soon figured out that salty meat made people thirsty and made them drink more, thus the tradition of offering salty snacks to accompany drinks was born.

Since then tapas have evolved into small portions of food designed for sharing and enjoying in a social situation. Below are some of our absolute favourites!

Picture: The Salt Yard Kilkenny

Gambas al Ajillo – Lisa

Lisa considers the perfect combination of Fresh prawns in a garlic, chili and olive a staple of any good tapas restaurant, tapas party or tapas style event. It’s one of the tastiest of all the Spanish tapas. Order this little dish every time, you can’t go wrong.

Zorza con patatas – Sabela

Galician native Sabela has chosen one of the most typical dishes of her homeland. Zorza is the marinated pork filling used for chorizo sausage. This flavoursome dish is typically eaten with a side of potatoes.


Tortilla con chorizo – Tania

We’ve spoken of our love for the humble tortilla before. For those of you unfamiliar with the Spanish staple, it’s not a flour wrap but more like a thick omelette made with potatoes. Tortilla can be found in just about any bar in Spain. Tania from Santiago de Compostela likes her tortilla with chorizo.

Espinacas con Garbanzos – Aoife

My affinity for spinach would give Popeye a run for his money at the best of times. In particular in tapas form. This dish is most commonly found in the South of Spain in particular in the enchanting city of Seville on the Via de la Plata. The combination of protein and iron is exactly what you need to keep you fuelled for your Camino!


Galician empanada – Maria

Another Galician native Maria has chosen empanada as her favourite dish. Empanada  is probably the most Galician dish ever, after octopus! This was the dish Maria missed the most when she first moved to Ireland.

Galician empanada, which is a savoury pastry, comes in all shapes, sizes and flavours but Maria recommends those filled with seafood or fish such as salted cod, tuna, cockles or mussels. Zamburiñas (a kind of scallop) empanada has to be one of the best!


Pulpo a la Gallega – Valeria

Fresh back from her trip to Galicia, Valeria is still dreaming of their famous Octopus dish. Cooked octopus served with boiled potatoes, olive oil and sweet Spanish paprika. A must try for all visitors to Galicia you’ll find this dish all along the Camino Frances. In Galicia it’s also known as Pulpo á feira (market day octopus).

What’s your favourite tapa?

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