Enjoying the Camino de Santiago at home

Reading books about the Camino

Enjoying the Camino de Santiago at home

We have been asked to stay at home to keep ourselves and our communities safe but we can still travel virtually and keep our passion for travelling intact. Until we travel again (hopefully soon!) we are sharing a few ways we can all safely enjoy, or at least reminisce about, the Camino de Santiago at home:


We have some wonderful short videos of most of the Camino de Santiago routes for everyone to watch on our You Tube channel

Go to the CaminoWays.com You Tube channel to watch all the videos we have published over the past few years: CaminoWays.com You Tube.


Many great books have started with a Camino adventure, and now it’s the time to read them so they can transport us right back to the trails, the towns, the friendships of the Camino…

From the romantic fiction of Two Steps Forward to the father-daughter travelogue of Peter Murtagh’s Buen Camino, there is a Camino book to suit every reader.

Check out all our Camino inspired books here:

Part 1 – 5 books to read before your trip

Part 2 – Camino books to read before your trip


You can also download all our useful ebooks to get ready for your trip, from learning about the history of the trails to practicing a few words with our easy phrasebook.

Pick your favourite and download it here: CaminoWays.com ebooks.



If you rather sit back and relax to watch the Camino on screen, there are many beautiful and inspiring movies and documentaries for you to enjoy. The Way with Martin Sheen is one of the classics but more recent releases such as powerful documentaries The Camino Voyage and I’ll Push You are not to be missed.

Check out our team’s recommendations here:

Movies about walking the Camino de Santiago

More Camino movies to get you inspired


For foodies stuck at home we recommend our Camino Food ebook, which includes a selection of delicious and easy to make Camino-inspired recipes. But you can also grab some inspiration to add a Camino flavour to your next dinner from our recipe blog posts:

CaminoWays Blog – Food


Enjoy the lovely Camino Memories shared by happy pilgrims after their trips and share yours with them at our Camino Memories page: Camino Memories.

Camino Memories gift competition caminoways


Keep enjoying all the articles, interviews and tips on the CaminoWays.com blog, thank you for reading!


And if you rather listen to some of our latest stories and interviews, download our Camino Podcast.

For more information about the Camino de Santiago routes or to start planning an unforgettable trip, contact our travel experts


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