Camino Podcasts

Camino Podcasts

If you are looking to keep up to date with the latest Camino de Santiago news, interviews and what is happening, then tune-in to our Camino Podcasts below.

We publish on a weekly basis all you need to know in a short 5-minute podcast format, so it is easy to squeeze everywhere you go.

On our Camino Podcasts, we try to cover all you need to know: Camino de Santiago Planning, choosing your Camino Way, training for the Camino, and more.

Podcasts are a wonderful way to hear stories, learn new things, and be entertained. you’ll access them on a computer or your smartphone. Press play to concentrate on people discussing everything and anything. If you’re curious about the Camino de Santiago, Our Camino de Santiago Podcasts are for you!

We generally discussed all things Camino de Santiago. The Ways: Camino Frances the most popular, the wonderful Camino Portugues coastal that everyone is raging about, the upcoming, the upcoming Camino Ingles, the beauty of the Via de la Plata, and the spiritual Camino Finisterre, and other Camino de Santiago Routes.

We Also speak about more general topics, such as the latest news, Camino Covid news, interviews with Camino stakeholders and pilgrims, etc…

All you need to know in a 5 minutes Camino Podcast.

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