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Camino Webinars have become a staple of CaminWays and we love having the opportunity to connect with like-minded people from all of the world, whether you’re planning a Camino adventure of your own or you just want to share your Camino knowledge with other happy pilgrims.

Towards the end of the month every month, we host live webinars where we bring you everything you need to know about the Camino de Santiago. Our Webinars allow us to reach out to Camino pilgrims from all over the world. The webinars cover planning your Camino, choosing your perfect Camino route, training for the Camino, and everything in-between.

Webinar guests have the opportunity to ask questions they wish during the Q&A sessions towards the end about the Camino Routes, culture, and what to expect. But, we also try to interact with the webinar guest during the chat on the thread below the live webinar video taking place.

We try to keep them short, around 30min, and we schedule them for the end of the day (GMT time). For upcoming Live videos and to sign-up, please visit our Facebook Page.

If you miss any of our live webinars, fear not because we record them all and they are all uploaded to our YouTube channel the day after the webinar. Visit our YouTube channel to watch all of our webinars.

Take a look at an example of a recent webinar we recorded in March 2023. The Webinar covers the best Camino Starting Points.

If you would like to join a Camino webinar you can check out the schedule here: Facebook CaminoWays Events. You can also watch all of our previous webinars and other informational videos on our YouTube channel.

For more information about any of our walking and cycling tours, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

For more inspiration about the Camino de Santiago, visit our Camino blog, which has articles about all of the routes, food on the Camino, accommodation and much more.

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