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6 things you must know about the Camino


Have you been thinking about walking the Camino? As a beginner you are in the right place. We will give you all of the Camino tips you need to get started.

You are in for one amazing adventure. The Camino de Santiago is rich in history, culture, food and everything you need to get back to nature and enjoy some time outdoors. We have in house experts, guides and locals who have given us the best advice for anyone planning their next Camino adventure. Our weekly tips will be delivered via email when you subscribe to our newsletter.


WEEK 1. Getting started on your Camino journey

WEEK 2. Best routes for beginners and why

WEEK 3. How fit do you need to be to walk the Camino? Fitness tips, useful exercises and more.

WEEK 4. Language, food and etiquette on the Camino

WEEK 5. Collecting stamps and getting your pilgrim certificate

WEEK 6. What to pack for your trip and the best packing tips

Use each email to plan, prepare and get organised for this amazing bucket-list trip. In addition you will get access to all of our Camino ebooks including a printable language guide.

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