What is the Finisterrana?

caminoways-fisterra-certificateMany of you will be familiar with the ‘Compostela’, the certificate you can obtain from the Pilgrims Office in Santiago de Compostela if you have walked a minimum of 100kms of the Camino to the city or cycled at least the last 200kms. The same way you can request your Compostela certificate when you finish your Camino de Santiago you will also be able to request other Camino certificates if you decide to follow or continue walking to the towns of Fisterra and/or Muxía, along the Fisterra Way. Each town, both Fisterra and Muxía, has its own certificate.

If you walk to Fisterra, you can request the ‘Fisterrá’ or ‘Finisterrana’ certificate from the local hostel or town council, and if you walk to Muxía, you can request the ‘Muxiana’ certificate from the local tourist office. These certificates are written in Galician and signed by the town mayor.

Make sure you get your pilgrim passport stamped along the way!