The Certificate of Distance: A Testament to Your Camino Journey

Accreditation of the number of km covered

The Certificate of Distance is a special recognition for pilgrims who have walked the Camino de Santiago. Unlike the traditional Compostela Certificate, which is reserved for those completing the pilgrimage for spiritual or religious reasons, the Certificate of Distance is available to all pilgrims regardless of their motivation.

What is the Certificate of Distance?

The Certificate of Distance provides a detailed record of a pilgrim’s journey. It includes the starting point and the total distance covered to reach Santiago de Compostela. This document is personalised with the pilgrim’s name and journey specifics, making it a cherished memento of the pilgrimage. This certificate includes:

The cost for this certificate is €4.

Camino certificate of distance
Camino certificate of distance

Why Get a Certificate of Distance?

  1. Personal Achievement: It acknowledges the physical effort and dedication required to complete the Camino, offering a tangible record of the journey.
  2. Memorable Keepsake: It serves as a unique souvenir that captures the essence of the pilgrimage, perfect for sharing with friends and family or for personal reflection.
  3. Inclusivity: Unlike the Compostela, which is only awarded for religious or spiritual journeys, the Certificate of Distance is available to all pilgrims, regardless of their reasons for undertaking the Camino.

How to Obtain the Certificate of Distance

To get your Certificate of Distance, you can visit the Pilgrim’s Reception Office in Santiago de Compostela. Ensure that your pilgrim passport (credencial) is stamped at various points along your route to validate your journey. The office will then calculate the distance from your starting point to Santiago and issue the certificate accordingly.

For groups, it is now possible to request Compostelas and Certificates in advance. Group leaders can email the Pilgrim’s Office to arrange this, ensuring certificates are ready upon arrival.

Difference from the Compostela Certificate

While both certificates are issued by the Pilgrim’s Reception Office, they serve different purposes:

  • The Compostela certificate: Awarded for spiritual or religious pilgrimages, requiring the last 100 km to be walked or 200 km to be cycled.
  • The Certificate of Distance: Recognises the physical journey without specific requirements on the motivation behind it.
Santiago pilgrims office
Pilgrim’s Reception Office, Catedral de Santiago

Additional Services

Santiago Pilgrim’s Office now offers a new service for groups, allowing them to request certificates in advance. This service includes issuing a certificate with the group’s name and a special mention during the Pilgrims’ Mass.

The Certificate of Distance

It is an excellent way to commemorate your Camino de Santiago pilgrimage. It acknowledges the effort and distance covered, providing a meaningful keepsake of your adventure. Whether your journey was for personal, spiritual, or other reasons, this certificate is a proud testament to your achievement on the Camino.

For more information, you can visit the Pilgrim’s Reception Office. If you have already completed your pilgrimage, you can request this certificate by emailing the Pilgrim’s Office at [email protected].

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For further details on planning or booking your Camino journey, please contact our Camino travel specialists.

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