The Finisterre Camino Camino dos Faros

7 Nights
145 km
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Time To Go:
April to October
from €595

The Camino dos Faros or Lighthouse Way is a superb coastal walking trail, taking in the wild and rugged beauty of the Costa da Morte, in the Atlantic coast of Galicia.

Spectacular ocean views, pristine sandy beaches, impressive cliffs and a rich cultural and archaeological heritage await walkers on this trail that takes its name from the many lighthouses scattered in capes and headlands across the region.

The ocean has been the main livelihood in the area for centuries, and fish and seafood fans will be in food heaven. Staying in quaint fishing villages, you will get the chance to sample the freshest treats from the sea. Ponteceso, for instance, is famous for its gooseneck barnacles (percebes), harvested from exposed sea cliffs by intrepid ‘percebeiros’.

This breath taking coastal route is marked with green arrows by a local association, as this is not a Camino de Santiago trail. However, the green arrows will take you all the way to Cape Fisterra, the very end of the Camino and the end of the world!

You should request your Muxiana (in Muxia) and Finisterrana (in Fisterra) certificates along the way, in the local tourist office.

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