Easy Via Francigena from San Miniato to Siena in 1 week

Price: from €615
  • Activity Walking or Easy Walking or Cycling or Easy Cycling
  • Duration 6 nights
  • Difficulty Easy
  • Tour Type Self-Guided Caminos
  • Time To Go All Year Round
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Easy Via Francigena from San Miniato to Siena in 1 week

If you are looking to experience the Easy Via Francigena from San Miniato in Tuscany at your own pace, this is the perfect trip for you.

You will be walking the picturesque stretch of the Via Francigena from San Miniato to the UNESCO World Heritage city of Siena.

This itinerary has fewer kilometers each day than the main Via Francigena Lucca to Siena.

You will walk through the heart of Tuscany across rolling hills and beautiful woodland over 7 days and staying in the gorgeous villages along the way, including San Gimignano, which means you will be covering a manageable overall average of under 20kms per day. Your longest day will be 24 km and your shortest day will be 13km.

This will give you time to slow down and appreciate all that the beautiful Italian countryside and quaint towns have to offer. Walkers should particularly enjoy walking through the Olive groves of Tuscany.

The town of San Gimignano itself is truly breathtaking with its medieval towers. There are plenty of historical sites and churches to visit and spend time along the way.

The Easy Via Francigena ends in the magnificent Siena, steeped in art, history, culture, and gastronomy.

It is worth taking an extra day to spend in Siena to truly appreciate its unique charm.

If you travel in July or August, you might be able to witness one of Italy’s most traditional horse races: the Palio di Siena. If you travel in Autumn, this part of Tuscany is world-famous for its white truffles so foodies are in for a treat! All along the way, you will taste delicious Italian cuisine.

The Via Francigena Easy Walking experience is an unforgettable and relaxing holiday!

Click below to create your Easy Via Francigena from San Miniato. You can walk or cycle.

Map of the Easy Via Francigena

Itinerary of the Easy Via Francigena

San Miniato

Stage: San Miniato

You arrive in San Miniato.

24 km

Gambassi Terme

Stage: Gambassi Terme

Today’s walking section on the Via Francigena follows a lovely trail through oak woods, chestnut woods, olive groves and vineyards. The trail is predominantly on off-road tracks over small rolling hills, the classic Tuscan landscape. On the way you will pass Chianni where you should visit the lovely little church. There is a 300m climb to Gambassi Terme, a hilltop town best known for its spa and hot springs, as well as glass manufacturing.

14 km

San Gimignano

Stage: San Gimignano

From Gambassi Terme you will descend for a couple of kilometres before you begin another climb. The day is quite up and down but the scenery as you pass through the world famous Chianti vineyards will make the effort worthwhile. San Gimignano is a wonderful, walled, hilltop, medieval town, where you can stop for the night. The towers of the town can be seen for miles around. The museum of San Gimignano 1300 has a wonderful reconstruction of how the town once looked and is well worth a visit.

13 km

Colle di Val d’Elsa

Stage: Colle di Val d’Elsa

Easy Walking Option: You can choose to split your long walking day above between San Gimignano and Monteriggioni, if you would like to walk at a more relaxed pace. You would stay overnight in a charming hotel in Colle di Val d’Elsa.

You will have a pleasant walk through olive groves and cypress avenues up to the village of Montecchio. In Colle Val d’Elsa, enjoy a glass of Chianti in the central piazza.

14 km


Stage: Monteriggioni

From the Piazza in Colle di Val d’Elsa, you will continue your walk along tree-lined roads, starting with a long descent to Castel Petraia and then up to the densely forested hill of Montagnole. Your walking day on the Via Francigena takes you to the unique hilltop village of Monteriggioni with its circular wall.

21 km


Stage: Siena

After Monteriggioni, the Via Francigena takes pilgrims towards the village of Funghaia and its church with frescoed interior. Make sure you experience real Tuscan food in one of the region’s best osterias, as you reach stunning Siena. Siena is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most visited places in Italy. It is world famous for its art, medieval architecture, museums, cuisine and the ‘Palio‘, the spectacular annual horse race held in the city’s piazza.


Standard Hotels

We have hand-picked hotels and guesthouses along the Camino for their character and warm hospitality. Up to 3-stars, you will be staying in the centre of town and close to your Camino trail. All rooms are en-suite with bathroom. For our family packages, we have hand-picked establishments with outdoor space and swimming pools where possible. Where accommodation with private outdoor space is not available, we have selected comfortable hotels with spacious common areas as well as a convenient location close to recreational areas and sights. As your comfort is our priority, we try to book hotels located within walking distance of the Camino. Despite our effort, on rare occasions your accommodation can be located a few kilometers away from the trail, so we organise transportation to/from your accommodation.

Standard Hotel & Guesthouse

Superior Collection

Stay in very special hotels and unique properties along the Camino.  We have selected luxurious 4 and 5-star hotels, boutique guesthouses, relaxing country homes and stunning heritage ‘Parador’ hotels so you can feel pampered. Rest assured when you select Superior Collection, you will enjoy the full experience of our best hotels and top guesthouses when and where this option is available, however, bear in mind, that sometimes due to location factors, only our choice of standard collection hotels and guesthouses may be available. All rooms are en-suite.

Superior Collection


How to get there

Live information on Rome2Rio. We can also arrange private transfers if you prefer, just ask us.

San Miniato

Florence International Airport 41km:  Hourly bus (15min) from Florence Vespucci Airport to Firenze Autostazione.  Train to S. Miniato Stazione Fs (41min) every half hour.  Bus from train station to P.Za Dante bus stop (15mins).

Pisa International Airport 43km:  Bus from airport to Pisa Centrale (5mins).  Hourly train to San Miniato Stazione Fs  (29mins).  Bus from train station to P.Za Dante bus stop (15mins).



Florence International Airport 86km: You can either take the bus or the train. However they don’t stop at the same finishing point. The bus will drop you off in the heart of the historic city centre of Siena whereas Siena train station is located further away from the city centre and you might need to take a city bus (5 min travel time approx).
By bus:
– Autostradale bus express, coming from Pisa, stops in Florence and reaches Siena in less than 2 hours. See: www.airportbusexpress.it.
– SITA bus, www.sienamobilita.it. The bus station is just around the corner from the train station in Florence. SITA buses to Siena take just under an hour, run frequently and takes you to Siena historic city center. Make sure you take the rapide (express) and not the ordinarie, which stops in Poggibonsi and Colle Val d’Elsa. Ticket costs €12. See the route itinerary and price for more information (note information is only in Italian). To reach the Santa Maria Novella train station in Florence from the airport, just take the city line Vola in bus from the airport. The service connects the city centre in just 20 minutes and the fare is €6 one way.
By train:
Trains from Florence to Siena leave Santa Maria Novella station roughly once an hour on most days, and a direct train takes about 1.5 hours. The ticket is in the €6-10 range (if you’re on the direct train). See www.fsitaliane.it for more information.

Pisa International Airport 130km: You can take two different buses outside the airport going directly to Siena (under 2hr approximate travel time), for more information, see: http://www.pisa-airport.com/aeroporto_di_pisa_196.html.
– Train S.p.a, see: www.trainspa.it. Leaving directly from the airport to Piazza Gramsci in Siena. It takes you around two hours travel time and costs €14 one way.
– Autostradale, see: www.airportbusexpress.it. It follows similar itinerary than Train S.p.a but with a change in Florence. One way ticket costs €15. All information, timetable and route with Siena Mobilita.

Bologna International Airport 167km: There are bus and train connections available to Siena.  Shuttle bus from Bologna Airport to Bologna Central Station (every 11 mins, €6 one-way).  For more information see: http://aerobus.bo.it/en.  From here you will take the train to Siena with a change in Florence.  Train to Siena (2hr 30, from €24 one-way). For more information see: https://www.lefrecce.it.

Bus from Bologna Airport to Siena Train Station. (4 times daily, from €18, Duration 2h40 – 3h40).  For more information see: https://www.rome2rio.com

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