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Here is the latest Johnnie Walker’s Travel update

The latest update from the Camino has seen Spain announce a State of Emergency. This means most of Spain’s regions now have imposed curfews and travel restrictions—Johnnie Walker’s Travel update.
In many cases, travel between regions is for essential purposes only now.
It looks like these restrictions will run until the end of November at least. For more information about travel in Spain, check our COVID-19 News Updates.
This week we spoke to famous Camino Pilgrim, Johnnie Walker. Johnnie lives in Santiago and so was able to give us a good update on the current situation on the Camino:
Greetings from Santiago.
The city is very quiet at the moment because Spain like many European countries has introduced measures to control the current spread of the Coronavirus.
Amongst these are restrictions on movement and meetings: for example, only those pilgrims who started their journey before October 30th are permitted to enter the city.
At the moment between 40 and 60 pilgrims are arriving every day.
People from different households are not permitted to meet together and as in all of Spain facemasks must be worn at all times and we must be in our homes from 11 pm to 6 am.
Movement between areas is also not permitted so at the moment pilgrims cannot walk on from Santiago to Finisterre. The government is constantly reviewing the effect of these measures and hopefully, they will be shortlived.
The pilgrims who are arriving are in great spirits having had a safe and healthy Camino experience.
One of these is my friend Barbara who arrived yesterday having walked 1400 km in 43 days from Almeria, one of the starting points of the Camino Mozarabe.
Works are going on steadily in the Cathedral which they aim to have ready for the inauguration of the Holy Year 2021 which takes place on New Year’s eve.
Recently the Cathedral announced that the refurbishment of the Botafumeiro would be finished in time for it to be used at the inaugural Mass.
I’m currently remembering where I was when the last Holy Year started in 2010 – have a look:
I’m also currently planning a spring Camino on the Camino Portuguese Coastal Route to blow away any Covid cobwebs.
Best wishes
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