Useful Camino Preparation Exercises

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camino-preparation-exercises-caminowaysCamino Preparation Exercises. Pete from D-Pete Health and Fitness Clinic in Dublin has prepared a set of Useful Exercises to Prepare Before you go on the Camino. Warm-ups and stretchings before you set off on the different Camino walks or cycles. We share Pete’s Camino Preparation useful exercises. If you are preparing for the Camino de Santiago or just heading out for a long walk, Pete’s easy to follow warm-up and stretching exercises will be very handy:

Camino Preparation Exercises Front of Thigh

  • Catch heel with hand and bring towards buttocks
  • Use a wall, tree or partner for balance if needed
  • Ensure knees are in alignment with each other and back is straight
  • A stretch should be felt along the front of tight and/or knee
  • Hold the stretch for 30 secs and repeat 2 times

Back of Lower Leg

  • Bring one leg out in front of the other, toes facing straight ahead
  • Keep the heel of the back leg firmly on the ground and keep the same leg straight
  • You can lean on a wall, tree or use a partner
  • Lean gently forward, keep the leg straight, keep the heel on the ground

Back of Upper Leg

  • Place the leg you want to stretch out in front of your body
  • Place hands on opposite leg for support/balance
  • Slowly stick buttock out and squat down gently
  • Keep back straight and foot relaxed (don’t bring toes towards the body)
  • Stretch should be felt along the back of the upper leg
  • Hold the stretch for 30 secs and repeat 2 times
  • You will feel stretch along lower back leg
  • Hold the stretch for 30 secs and repeat 2 times

Ab workout on the move

  • Blow out until you can’t anymore
  • You will feel your tummy getting tight
  • Once you feel the tightness, hold it and continue to breathe normally
  • All you are doing is keeping your tummy tight but this technique is a great way to learn how to do it correctly
  • When walking, jogging, climbing stairs, picking up something, do this exercise, do it as often as you can and hold up to 15-30 seconds each time
  • This is a great abdominal (ab) workout and so easy to carry out

Shoulder Stretch

  • Bring the arm you want to stretch across your chest
  • Hock this arm with the other and drag the arm closer to the chest
  • A stretch should be felt along your shoulder
  • Hold the stretch for 30 secs and repeat 2 times

Shin Stretch (for shin splints)

  • Place one leg across and in front of the other as shown on the picture
  • Place tip of the foot on the ground (the foot in front)
  • With the knee of the leg behind, press gently along the calf of the leg in front until a stretch can be felt in the front of the lower leg
  • Hold for 30 secs and repeat 2 times
  • *You might also like to download our free Camino Fitness Guide or to read other Camino preparation articles by Pete. Camino Preparation Exercises

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