Camino de Santiago – Tradition

9 August 2022

Camino de Santiago – Tradition

The Camino de Santiago is one of the oldest traditions in Europe, and probably in the whole world.

Nevertheless, in spite of being so old a tradition, it still enjoys a good health, given that the number of pilgrims traveling to Santiago gets higher and higher every year.

What will really attract your attention is the fact that, in a world as wealthy as the one we live in, there are so many people willing to devote their free time and sacrifice themselves in this hard route.

Undoubtedly, this is because the Camino de Santiago constitutes a unique and unrepeatable life experience.

To begin with, this route is about breaking the routine and abandoning the comfort of our daily life to go back to man’s natural state, in which needs and motivations completely change.

In this route, you’ll go back to man’s origins: You will join nature and give up the secondary aspects of life. You will also learn to know yourself and appreciate the true beauty of nature and art, both of which will be found all along the route.-

Obviously, the Camino de Santiago is a very spiritual route related to Christianity that many pilgrims decide to do for reasons of gratitude, penitence, unfulfilled wishes or desire of asking for forgiveness for past sins.

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