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5 Special places to experience the Camino at Easter

Easter or ‘Holy Week’ is widely celebrated across Spain, with many cities and towns along the Camino de Santiago hosting impressive processions. Here are 5 special places to experience the Camino at Easter, and discover unique centuries-old Easter traditions:


The Camino at Easter: 5 Special Places to Experience it:

1. Ferrol on the Camino Ingles

Most towns and cities in Galicia also celebrate Easter week and Ferrol hosts one of the most traditional and spectacular Easter events.

The port city of Ferrol is the starting point of the Camino Ingles, a Camino de Santiago route traditionally followed by pilgrims from Britain and Ireland. Easter would be the perfect time of the year to start the English Camino in Ferrol, experiencing the city’s most important event of the year and walking to Santiago de Compostela, where there are also colourful Easter processions all week. You can walk from Ferrol to Santiago in just one week.

2. Santiago de Compostela

As the capital of Galicia and the destination point of the Camino de Santiago, Santiago de Compostela also hosts its own Holy Week processions with religious imagery hitting the streets for locals and visitors to admire in the beautiful setting of Santiago’s Old Town.

3. Lugo on the Camino Primitivo

Another city on our list for a very special Easter week is Lugo. Holy Week parades in Lugo take place in the old town, nestled within the city’s famous Roman wall, the best-preserved Roman wall in Europe, and a UNESCO World Heritage. Lugo is the starting point for the second section of the original route of the Camino de Santiago.

4. Fisterra on the Finisterre Camino

For a Camino Easter with a maritime feel, you should head to Fisterra and experience Holy Week in the heart of the Costa da Morte. The focal point of celebrations is the Church of Santa María das Areas and the Saint Christ of Fisterra, popularly known by the locals as ‘The Golden Beard Christ’. Locals also reenact some of the scenes of the Passion as part of the week’s proceedings.

5. Sevilla on the Vía de la Plata

Easter, along with the colourful Feria de Abril, is the most important and unique festival of the year in this stunning city.  Processions and floats with religious sculptures representing the Passion of Christ, called ‘pasos’, parade around the streets, with the most dramatic ‘pasos’ on display for Holy Thursday and Good Friday (or Holy Friday).

Enchanting Seville, starting point of the Vía de la Plata, is home to the most impressive and world-famous Holy Week in Spain.

Also along the Vía de la Plata Camino de Santiago route, the cities of Salamanca and Zamora host important Holy Week processions.

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