[Video] Ana from the rural Hotel ‘La Aldea Encantada’ Burgos

A Message from the Camino: Ana from the rural Hotel ‘La Aldea Encantada’ Burgos, Spain

Since the start of the Pandemic, we have been in regular communication with our hotels and suppliers on the Camino. Last week we spoke with Ana from the rural Hotel ‘La Aldea Encantada’ in Burgos, Spain. She has a message from the Camino.

During the video, Ana tells us what the Camino de Santiago means to her and her business. English Subtitles are available for all message from the Camino videos.

Q. 1 What does the Camino mean to you?

Q.2 What does the Camino represent to local tourism?

Q.3 How has 2020 been?

Q. 4 How do you see 2021?

The rural Hotel ‘La Aldea Encantada’ is in beautiful Burgos, Spain on the Camino Frances. The hotel is a preferred hotel that we work with and you can find more details about the hotel on this website.

Many thanks to Ana for taking the time to share her message with us. We hope you enjoyed this message from the Camino de Santiago. Please contact us on the form below if you have any questions or if you would like some help planning out your next Camino adventure.


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