Video : how to download our free Camino eBooks

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Video: How to download our free Camino eBooks

Here at Caminoways, we love writing about the Camino so much that we decided we had to take the next step up from blogging. That’s right, we were going to write a book. A couple of years later and we’ve amassed quite a collection. Our books aren’t available to buy, they come digitally as eBooks, which means that we don’t incur costs or waste any paper. The best thing about that is we can deliver them to you completely free of charge! Our catalog now includes our Camino Beginners guide, Packing Guide, Camino Phrasebook, Via Francigena eBook, and Fitness eBook. We also have a few more on our sister site,

The feedback has been amazing so far, and thanks to all of you who have downloaded the eBooks, we hope that you’ve really enjoyed them! We have also had some reports of people struggling to download the eBooks and other Caminoers who couldn’t find them on our new website. We decided to put together a little video tutorial explaining a bit more about our eBooks, how to get them, and what to do after they’re downloaded.

This will be the first in a series of tutorial videos over the coming months, so if there’s something that you’d like to see please leave a comment in the section below and we’ll do our best to include it in the schedule.

Enjoy the video

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