Portomarin and its two villages

31 March 2022

portomarin-french-way-caminowaysDid you know? The whole village of Portomarin, on the last section of the Camino Francés, French Way Camino de Santiago, was moved to its current location in the 1960s, when the Miño River was dammed to build the Belesar reservoir (Encoro de Belesar). This meant the old Portomarín village, originally built by a Roman bridge in the Middle Ages was flooded.

portomarin-church-frenchway-caminowaysThe most important buildings of the village were moved piece by piece higher up the mountain, where the ‘new’ Portomarín was rebuilt. This included the fortress-looking 12th century Romanesque church: San Xoán de Portomarín (Church of Saint John) and the Saint Peter chapel, Capela de San Pedro.

The ‘new’ Portomarín celebrated its 50th anniversary in June 2013. In the Summer, when water levels are low, it is still possible to see some of the buildings of the old village, including its old bridge.

Portomarín celebrates its biggest festival, as Festas do Cristo, each September.

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