Climbing Croagh Patrick on Reek Sunday – Interview

Climbing Croagh Patrick on Reek Sunday

Climbing Croagh Patrick on Reek Sunday

The last Sunday of July is Reek Sunday, when thousands climb Ireland’s holy mountain, Croagh Patrick in Westport, County Mayo. Climbing Crough Patrick is no small task and it’s a great way to prepare for the Camino de Santiago.

This year, the team headed to Mayo in the West of Ireland, for our monthly Camino de Santiago preparation walk.


Valeria, who is from Italy, was one of the team members climbing Croagh Patrick among thousands of pilgrims.

She shares here her Reek Sunday experience with us. Listen to the interview.

For more information about climbing Crough Patrick, upcoming events and the next Free Camino prep walk, have a look at the Facebook Page.

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