Camino FAQ: What are the busiest months on the Camino?

24 May 2022

Planning your next Camino de Santiago adventure? Wondering which month of the year would be the best for you? what are the busiest months on the Camino?

We have taken the most recent statistics from the Pilgrims Office in Santiago de Compostela to give you an idea of the number of pilgrims arriving in Santiago and claiming their Compostela month by month. The Pilgrims Office in Santiago welcomes pilgrims to the city and issue pilgrim certificates.


Their figures take into account the number of ‘Compostela’ certificates issued, which means statistics include those pilgrims finishing in Santiago de Compostela and walking at least the last 100km or cycling at least the last 200km. Therefore, the total number of pilgrims on the Camino is likely to be higher.

However, these statistics will give you an idea of the number of fellow pilgrims you are likely to encounter depending on the month you choose to travel. You will see August is by far the busiest month on the Camino (this is likely due to the fact that many Europeans take holidays that month. That is the case in Spain; Spaniards still are the most predominant nationality on the Camino), followed by July and September.


January: 1628
February: 2181
March: 11056
April: 22.068
May: 40665
June: 45685
July: 50868
August: 60415
September: 47006
October: 35602
November: 7651
December: 2553

TOTAL: 327.378

The month that you choose will depend on the amount of time that you have available to walk and also the weather conditions that you prefer to walk in. Galicia in Northern Spain is the perfect destination for a walking holiday as it as relatively temperate climate all year round. The most popular months for walking the Camino de Santiago are from April to the end of October each year. If you are hoping to meeting fellow pilgrims, Summer and Autumn are great seasons as you will see walkers from around the world out on the trails. The Camino Frances would be the most popular route, followed by the Portuguese routes. You can walk the Camino in the winter months but you need to be mindful that some services will not be operating and some accommodations may be unavailable.

Talk to our travel specialists to get advice on the best months to travel and what route is suited to what time of the year. We hope this will help you plan your Camino de Santiago trip! Let us know if you have any questions.

For more information about the Camino de Santiago or to book your Camino trip, contact our travel specialists


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