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(Le Puy Way)

AubracThe Aubrac region of France is situated in the southern Massif Central. It straddles three départements – Cantal, Aveyron and Lozère – and three régions – Auvergne, Midi-Pyrénées and Languedoc-Roussillon.

This region is a volcanic and granitic plateau (1 500 km²). The volcanic eruptions are dated from 6 to 9 millions of years and were of hawaiian type with fluid lavas. Therefore, there are not individualized volcanos. This volcanic zone dominates on the east an other part of the plateau which is made of granite. The average altitude of the plateau is about 1200 meters with its highest point at 1469 m (Signal de Mailhebiau) at the south. All the region has been eroded by glaciers during three glacial periods. The region counts four glacial lakes : lac des Salhiens, lac de Saint-Andéol, lac de Souveyrols and lac de Born. At the south, the highest summits of the Aubrac dominate the Lot valley, which is located 1000 m below.

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