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Have you been thinking about walking the Camino de Santiago? You are in the right place. We will give you all of the Camino tips you need to get started in 6 simple steps.

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  • Week 1 – Getting started on your Camino journey
  • Week 2 – Best routes for beginners and why
  • Week 3 – How fit do you need to be to walk the Camino? Fitness tips, useful exercises and more.
  • Week 4 – Language, food and etiquette on the Camino
  • Week 5 – Collecting stamps and getting your pilgrim certificate
  • Week 6 – What to pack for your trip and the best packing tips

You are in for one amazing adventure: the Camino de Santiago is rich in history, culture, food … and such a unique experience. Our weekly tips by our travel experts will be delivered via email when you subscribe to our newsletter.



“We’ve just finished our third major walk, each one five weeks long, using Camino Ways. They figured out our itinerary, booked the hotels, breakfast, many dinners and luggage transport. We had a few, very minor glitches along the way that were quickly attended to by a phone call. We have stayed in some truly exceptional places we would never have found on our own and eaten some spectacular meals. Of course there were a few at the other end of the spectrum too, any trip through small countryside places with few options will limit your choices. I totally recommend this company” 5 July 2018
“As a solo female over 60 years, I debated whether to do the trip on my own or join with a group. I am very grateful that I chose to join with a group organized by Camino Ways. It was a wonderful group from different countries, with a bilingual guide who provided us with details each day. Prior to departure Camino Ways sent all the details about hotels, the walk each day including sites to be aware of and elevation for each day, and the pilgrim passport and luggage tags.” Mary, 1 July 2018
“What a beautiful route , filled with rugged Atlantic sea scapes . Very doable for novice walkers . Would highly recommend a stayiver in oia , old fishing village the most quaintest place of the whole trip!” 2 July 2018
“Beautiful scenery of Tuscany just completed the good organization of the trip. Tour guide was excellent and went above and beyond to make our trip special. This was my second trip with Camino Ways (last year to Santiago De Compostella) and I would recommend it to everybody.” 22 May 2018


We are here to help you every step of the way. Our Camino specialists have walked the trails, cycled the routes and assessed the best possible options for your Camino trip. We will work with you to provide the most appropriate route options, accommodations, luggage transfers, walking notes and support when you are out on the trails.


Walking the Camino is all about making long lasting memories. We have a special area dedicated to the Camino memories that our clients send us of their trips. Feel free have a look through some of their special moments out on the trails.

To mark the end of our short 6 steps to the Camino we will have a special treat in our final email so be sure to stay tuned in each week.



  1. By Maria

    Hi Colleen, you can see many pilgrims with dogs along the routes, however not all hotels accept pets.

  2. By Colleen

    What about dogs, can you bring your dog along for the walk!

  3. By Maria

    Hi Catherine

    You can have a look at average tempeartures on our Camino weather map here: https://caminoways.com/weather-on-the-camino-de-santiago. Late September would be a good time to start. Hostels should all be open. If you’d like to receive a quote from our team, let us know! Kind regards

  4. By Catherine Mangham

    Hi Karl, could you give me some advice as to whether the Camino Frances is possible from Sept 23rd and what the temperatures could be and whether the hostels will be open?



  5. By Lisa

    Dear Mary, thank you very much for your feedback. I will pass this information to our products team so that they can review the Camino de Madrid. It sounds like an amazing route. Kindest wishes, Lisa from CaminoWays.

  6. By Mary Merrill

    Just completed the Camino from Madrid to the Frances. This camino is not well published. It is BEAUTIFUL. I suggest revising your publications to include the Camino de Madrid.

  7. By Mike Cummins


  8. By Maria

    Hi Mark, we are based in Dublin https://caminoways.com/contact-us

  9. By Mark

    Are you the guys who have opened an office in Mornington?

  10. By Lisa

    Hi Sue, thank you for your message. Many people choose to cycle the Camino. The most popular routes for cycling are the Camino Frances and the Coastal Camino by the coast. Here is a short article we wrote last week that will help you prepare when planning to cycle the Camino and you will also find the links to the different cycling options: https://caminoways.com/prepare-cycling-camino If you would like to speak to our travel team about the cycling routes for the Camino you can contact them anytime at info@caminoways.com. I hope that this helps a little. Many thanks, Lisa

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