O Antroido, Santiago’s Carnival

O Antroido, Santiago’s CarnivalO Antroido, Santiago’s Carnival

O Antroido is Santiago’s famous carnival, a wondrous event that you can combine with a Camino de Santiago route that finishes in Santiago.

Taking place before Lent in the lead up to Ash Wednesday, O Antroido is something you won’t want to miss.

Like many other old European cities, Santiago de Compostela in Galicia celebrates this age-old fiesta, where masks and fancy dress combine with carnival floats and typical cuisine.

O Antroido is the name given to Carnival in Galicia. The Carnival season is a deep-rooted tradition in this region, especially in its capital, Santiago. Here, colourful and unique masks and fancy dress fill the city’s winding streets.

On the Tuesday of the festival, there is a parade with floats and many carnival groups formed by local residents and friends.

On Ash Wednesday, the day that marks the end of the celebrations and the beginning of lent, there is a satirical procession that ends up with the burning of “Meco”, a doll that represents the Carnival, in Plaza de O Toural Square.

The celebrations can also be felt on these days through the regional gastronomy, with dishes such as Galician stew, filloas (like pancakes), shoulder of pork and cacheiras (type of potato omelette).

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