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With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we are genuinely loved-up at CaminoWays. We hear from people who walked the Camino with a loved one every year, and we would love to hear your Camino love story. Have you walked the trails with a loved one or met someone special on the route?

Some decide to walk the Camino for a memorable wedding anniversary, and others have found love while on the trails. Love on the Camino has inspired authors like Graeme Simsion and Anne Buist, who wrote a book together after walking the Camino.

Camino Love Story Valentine's Day

We interviewed Graeme and Anne about their collaboration in Two Steps Forward. After walking their first Camino together on the Cluny Way, the idea for the book was planted and by the time they’d completed their second Camino, the vision was clear.

For them, writing the book was like reliving their holidays. Using their itinerary on the Camino as a map for the book, readers get to know the characters of Zoe and Martin, who meet on the trail. These star-crossed lovers come from very different backgrounds but find their spiritual journeys collide with a little romantic comedy.

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Another romantic story we’ve been delighted to be part of was when Ruben embarked on a Camino adventure with his wife Jennifer for their wedding anniversary. The happy pair loved the friendly atmosphere and hand-made ice cream in Baiona. Opting to stay in the Parador as a treat, they loved looking out at sea in the evening.

They recalled mixed emotions at the end of their journey, both grateful to finish the physical challenge and too long to continue the moments they shared along the way. It gave them time to reflect on life and find a lot of common ground. I think it’s safe to say we will soon see Ruben and Jennifer on the trails together.

Now for my own romantic Camino love story. I had a little adventure not so long ago during my romantic Camino trip, and because of this, Santiago de Compostela will always have a special place in my heart.

Although travel is part of my professional life, my partner is not a very keen walker, but he loved it as much as me and little did I know, he had a unique proposal planned for the end of our journey. I said yes, of course!

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We know that each Camino love story is unique. If you and your loved one met on the Camino, celebrated an anniversary on the Camino or spent time out on the Camino together, we would love to hear your stories.

You can send them to us, and we will happily share them with the Camino community on our website and social media (Facebook Camino Ways, Instagram and Twitter Camino Ways). Maybe you’ll even inspire someone’s proposal!

Please visit our Camino route page and blog for more information about the Camino de Santiago, our routes, and our experiences. If you have any questions or want help planning your romantic getaway, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Buen Camino!


  1. By Esther Garrido

    Hi, my name is Esther and I’m from Barcelona. I could share my Camino love story. I walked the Camino del Norte in 2015, and on the 2nd day, in la Caridad, I met Luca, from Milan, who was walking the whole Camino and was his 2nd year. We started walking together and arrived in Santiago. 3 weeks later we met in Barcelona. The following month, in Milan. We continued like that for a year and a half until January 2017, when Luca moved to Barcelona. We’ve been together for 8 years, living together for 6 years and currently we are expecting our first baby 🙂

  2. By Roland

    Hi Esther, Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful Camino love story with us. Your journey along the Camino del Norte not only led you to breathtaking landscapes but also to a lifelong partner and now the exciting anticipation of a new life! It’s heartwarming to hear how the Camino brought you and Luca together, and how you both embraced the path, each other, and now a growing family.
    The Camino de Santiago is not only a physical journey but often a profound emotional and spiritual experience. Stories like yours are a reminder that the Camino’s magic reaches far beyond the trails and can have a lasting impact on people’s lives.
    We wish you and Luca all the happiness in the world as you embark on this new adventure of parenthood. May the love and bonding that started on the Camino continue to flourish in your lives.
    Buen Camino to you, Luca, and your little one on the way! Roland

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