Heidi wishes us Buen Camino from Key West

Heidi on the Camino

Heidi wishes us Buen Camino from Key West

Heidi Siefkas: An Author’s Journey from Mile Marker Zero to the Camino

A renowned author and adventurer Heidi Siefkas, recently shared an inspiring video with us from Mile Marker Zero in Key West. This marks the beginning of her preparation for a second Camino trip this year. Join us as we delve into Heidi’s journey and her upcoming adventure on the Camino.

The Start of a New Adventure: From Key West to the Camino

  • Heidi’s journey begins at Mile Marker Zero, a symbolic starting point for many adventures.
  • The video captures the excitement and anticipation of embarking on another Camino trip.

Heidi Siefkas: An Adventurous Spirit

  • Heidi is not just an author; she is an explorer at heart.
  • Her passion for adventure is evident in her decision to undertake a second Camino trip within the same year.

Preparing for the Camino

  • The video shows Heidi’s preparations and eagerness for the journey ahead.
  • It reflects the spirit of adventure that the Camino ignites in travellers.

Buen Camino: A Wish for the Journey

  • As Heidi and her team get ready, they are wished ‘Buen Camino’ – a traditional send-off for pilgrims.
  • This phrase encapsulates the goodwill and camaraderie of the Camino experience.

Inspiration for Aspiring Pilgrims

  • Heidi’s journey is an inspiration for others dreaming of walking the Camino.
  • Her video encourages potential pilgrims to take the leap and embark on their adventures.
  • Heidi Siefkas’ video from Mile Marker Zero is more than just a travel diary; it’s a celebration of the adventurous spirit.
  • We wish Heidi and her team a wonderful and transformative journey on their second Camino trip this year.

We extend our best wishes and Buen Camino to Heidi and her team from Key West as they prepare for this remarkable journey.

If you’re inspired to start your own Camino adventure, contact us for guidance and support. Let’s embrace the spirit of exploration and discovery that the Camino de Santiago offers.

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