FAQ: What if I don’t want to walk one of the days?

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What if I don’t want to walk one of the days?

What happens if I prefer not to walk one of the days? This is a very frequently asked question at CaminoWays.

If you have a Camino trip booked with CaminoWays.com and you do not wish to walk or cycle one or more of the stages, we recommend you take a transfer to your next stage.

You can check with hotel reception in the morning, and they will be happy to book a taxi for you to get to the next stage.

Alternatively, you can get a local taxi number from reception in the morning if you wish to walk for a bit and then avail of a taxi transfer at any time or skip the first few km of that particular day.

All the hotels for your trip have been booked in advance, and the hotel owners expect you on those dates. For this reason, it is impossible to stay behind an extra night to resume your walk the following day, as this would knock on all the hotels booked for the rest of your trip.

If you have any additional questions regarding your Camino trip, please talk to our travel specialists and they will be able to assist and provide all the information required to plan the perfect trip for you.


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