CawleyCamino Day 5 from Caldas to Padron

Statue of Rosalia de Castro in Padron

padron-phil-cawley-todayfm-camino-waysCawleyCamino Day 5 from Caldas to Padron

by Eamonn

CawleyCamino Day 5…Sunday 27th September..Caldas de Reis to Padrón …18Km

Some sore heads prevailed after an impromptu night of Dr Phil’ s hits of the 70s,80s and 90s in the hotel’s patio bar, so it was a weary bunch that trudged through the mean streets of Caldas in darkness at 8am. Not all though, sense and an early night prevailed for some…. and I’ll be naming and shaming them soon. Light came soon though and the mist lifted from the fields and our heads. As we climbed through stunning scenery to the lovely hamlet of Santa Marina Clare extolled the virtues of her village Abbeyshrule, best place in Ireland she contends, and told me about the new Centre Parcs that will revitalise Longford. Geraldine told me that Larry Cunningham’s song Lovely Leitrim could be a compulsory subject in all schools in the county soon…joking! C’mon the midlands!

We passed some beautiful vines festooned with cobwebs that the sun was shining through, breathtaking, until Hubert stood in front of me and ruined the moment…typical! A welcome coffee break then where Mairead from Cork scolded me for ruining her hard woman image by suggesting she was an early nighter. I take it all back, they couldn’t get her out of the bar last night. Reputations will be shredded from now on as I get tired and cranky, like Phil!

Some Aussie ladies that we met in O Porriño the other night greeted us as we marched past another bar and I heard one say to her friend “stone the bloody crows its the bloody Irish Army again”…nice! We crossed the river Fontenlo and on a Camino path lined with pine trees we saw the river again as we came closer to Padrón. Blisters, sore feet and general aches, pains and stiffness are prevailing, poor Orla from Mullingar had to go to the hospital in Caldas last night for what’s known as a “Lance the lot”! Terri has a blister that resembles another toe…and not a pretty one and poor Aoife is nearly nailess. It’s carnage..

We were passed several times at breakneck speed by shoals of cyclists, how they stay on their bikes could be the miracle of the Camino as the terrain is undulatingly tough..I’m finding it hard to stay on my aching feet. Kind Fran, soon to be Gran, sprayed my soles with some rhino horn crossed with crocodile urine solution that definitely eased my aching pegs! It was a welcome relief to reach Padrón through a big open Sunday Market..we were too tired to haggle for a bargain and headed for home.. maybe later. Last day walking tomorrow…all are imbued with a sense of achievement and anticipation…Santiago here we come!

Eamonn is walking the Portuguese Way as part of the #CawleyCamino trip with Today FM Phil Cawley.

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