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Camino song: Buen Camino

senan-camino-santiago-songSenan Lillis walked the Camino de Santiago from Astorga to Santiago and has sent us his personal Camino song, called Buen Camino! We hope you like it. Have you got a Camino song too or an interesting Camino de Santiago story you’d like to share with the readers? Drop us an email to [email protected]


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Buen Camino
Buen Camino
Buen Camino
To Santiago.

In far away Spain, ‘cross mountains and plains,
I set on the route to Santiago,
For hundreds of years, midst blood, sweat and tears,
With amigos and pilgrims a-walk in’ we’ll go.


So from St. Jean we pondered
Indeed, it’s no wonder,
For centuries peregrinos ov’r mountains did go
Across plains and valleys, with back-packs and Sally ‘s
All heading off to Santiago.i v


They’ve come from near and far a-following His star,
Like shepherds a-wandering like long, long ago,
Mind tossing and pondering, soul searching and craving,
A-loving and sharing while westwards we go.


So I now say ‘ goodbye’, with a tear in my eye,
For homeward tomorrow , alas, I must go,
For the great walk is ending, but now I am singing,
For its then I’ll begin my real Camino.

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