Total Peace of Mind – No Change Fee in 2020.

A word from our founder: the spirit of the Camino

Not too long ago, we were all dreaming of our 2020 trips, the places we would see, the people we would share them with, the memories we would bring back to tell all our family and friends … the corona virus COVID 19 outbreak has put many of those travel plans and dreams on hold.

This is an unprecedented situation, none of us has experienced before and, as founder and director of / Greenlife Tours, I would like to assure you that the health and well being of you, our valued customers, as well as our staff and partners along the routes is our priority.

The spirit of the Camino has always been one of solidarity and support among fellow pilgrims and we’d like to keep that spirit in mind at this difficult and challenging time for everyone, all over the world. Like on the Camino, as humans and as pilgrims it is time to look out for fellow travellers, help those in need of support and encouragement, working together to overcome challenges so we all arrive safely at our destination.

Over the coming days and weeks our team will keep sharing articles and other information on our social media so we can still inspire you to plan future adventures and give your mind a little break from the news cycle.

Rescheduling your trip

If you have a booking with us in the coming weeks, I would like to take this opportunity to encourage you to reschedule to a later date. At this time in particular, your support is extremely important for small travel companies such as ourselves, but also for family run hotels, guesthouses and other services and communities along the Camino and all our other destinations.

Bear with us

Our team is working really hard to reschedule all trips departing within the next 6 weeks so due to the volume of emails and calls you might need to bear with us, as we get through all the enquiries. Just rest assured all enquiries are being dealt with, giving priority to those departing in the coming days. More details here: Coronavirus Update.

At this challenging time, on behalf of the team I’d like to thank you all for your continued support, patience and words of encouragement. It means the world to our team!

Roland Monsegu

Founder Greenlife Tours – – –


  1. By Maria

    Hi Genevieve, thank you for getting in touch. That’s a great idea. You can find videos of all our routes here: Enjoy!

  2. By genevieve

    Can we begin a virtual tour on the site of our past trips?

  3. By Susan

    I am hoping to still go in September but if it cannot be I will rebook to may join. Stay safe

  4. By Gus Wong

    Hang in there, Roland and your fabulous CaminoWays Team.
    My friends and I have walked the Camino French Way, the Via Francigena, and Rota Vicente.
    You made it possible. You are Peregrino Enablers!!

    Many more miles/kilometers to go.

  5. By Art

    The time has come for everyone to work together for the common good. We thank CaminoWays for giving us a way to continue our quest for spiritual wonders on the Camino. We will stay with you throughout this devastating time.

  6. By Angela

    I haven’t yet walked the Camino but had planned to do it later this year. It has always been something I have I have wished to do and this will not change.this was to be an epic year for me , so hopefully I will walk this great journey .

  7. By Miles Harvey

    God bless. I pray for all my fellow pilgrims and friends at Camino Ways ?? And all those affected by this horrible disease.

  8. By Quinn

    Not cancelling my Camino trip for September yet. I will keep training and looking forward to another great adventure. Bien Camino!

  9. By Rand Tapscott

    Thank you Roland. Good news…This is hopefully a great opportunity to train for the Via Francigena in 2021.

  10. By Deanna

    I’m going to keep training for my walk on the Camino. I will celebrate my cancer remission on a future trip. Everyone be well.

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