VIDEO: 5 useful exercises for walkers

Stretching preparation Santiago Ways

VIDEO: 5 useful exercises for walkers

To help you on your Camino journey we have teamed up with fitness expert Peter Duffy from Physical Therapy Ireland, to provide some easy and useful exercises for walkers for your next walking adventure.

Basic exercises are great for regular walkers, beginners and anyone who wants to do some easy, everyday exercise. In this fitness video we have picked the best exercises that you can do easily, without any gym machinery, on a daily basis.

It is always a good idea to prepare in advance for any long distance walk with exercises, travel advice and packing tips. You can also use these fitness tips when you are in the middle of our walk. Breathing exercises in particular are great for walkers who are walking long distance everyday.

Peter demonstrates his top 5 exercises in this video, including: a simple Ab workout, the squat, the back-bridge and the popular step exercise.

Stretching is noted as one of the most important parts of preparation for the Camino. If you don’t stretch the muscle can tighten up and cause pain. Other great tips include eating the right foods, keeping hydrated and using your arms as you walk.

Stay tuned for our next fitness post with Pete, from Physical Therapy Ireland. We have some useful stretches that will keep you agile and light-footed for your journey.

For more information about our walking and cycling tours on the Camino de Santiago routes please contact one of our travel specialists.

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