Who are the Camino de Santiago Tour Guides?

Who are the Camino de Santiago Tour Guides?

Our Camino de Santiago Tour Guides are all passionate local walkers, so you’re guaranteed an authentic experience and some insider information!

Our Camino Tour guides are fluent in both English and the local language. They have been working on the destinations for several years and will talk to you about culture, art, and history if you wish to. All our Tour guides are certified and insured.

Of course, you can meet with other walkers along the way, but the difference is, the choice is yours. And that changes everything.

Our group tours are restricted to set dates, to ensure that we get enough walkers signed up.

You can find the date that suits you best here: Camino guided tours dates.

Friendly & Inclusive Camino Tour Guides

They encourage a nice group atmosphere between participants. So at the end of the tour, you feel that you have made some real friends. Your Camino de Santiago guide is in a good mood from morning to evening and they will ensure that you have an amazing time to remember forever.

Local – They are from the place!

Your guide is from the region. He is an insider. He knows about the places. The good restaurants, bars, and places to see along the way. He will share all his knowledge if you are nice to him.

As a local to the place, he knows the best (modern & traditional) Camino food to be found on the way and can advise on special requirements.

Camino Knowledge & Culture

Our Tour guides have done these walks many times and know all the good trails and sightseeing spots along the way.

They also are knowledgeable about art and history. They would love to talk to you about these aspects of the Camino, Spanish culture, and Galician identity.

Check out our Camino de Santiago Guided Tours departure dates for more information.

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