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To help you on your Camino journey we have teamed up with fitness expert Peter Duffy, from Physical Therapy Ireland, to provide some simple and useful Camino fitness tips.

To prepare for the Camino or any long distance walking route you will need to keep in mind that you could have to walk between 16 – 25 kms per day. This may not seem long for seasoned walkers and fitness enthusiasts but doing this for 1 week or more is a challenge. You will want to practice with plenty of walks beforehand and a gradual progression towards the level of fitness for the Camino journey.

Another tip that Peter has for our readers is to get used of the equipment for the walks. Once you have all of gear for the Camino try them out. You will want to feel comfortable with whatever you plan to wear and bring with you each day. So if you have new walking shoes or boots, trekking poles, a backpack and other clothing. This will allow your feet, hands and body to get used of this type of outdoor activity.

Stretching is noted as one of the most important parts of preparation for the Camino. If you don’t stretch the muscle can tighten up and cause pain. Other great tips include eating the right foods, keeping hydrated and using your arms as you walk.

Stay tuned for Peter’s next video of useful stretches for walkers.

We have a full 6 month fitness guide for anyone who is preparing for their next Camino walk. If you require more information about the Camino routes please feel free to contact one of our travel specialists.


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