Surprising Benefits of a Walking Holiday

Couple reaping the benefits of a walking holiday

Surprising Benefits of a Walking Holiday

The health benefits of walking have been well documented. But there are a few hidden gems you may not have heard about. Walking the Camino is an unforgettable journey; you’ll return healthier, happier, and refreshed. Here’s why:

It makes you smarter

Recent studies have shown that walking improves your cognitive performance. A walking trip could be vital to unlocking that potential if you are struggling with big decisions or working on a big project.

It reduces blood pressure.

High blood pressure is something that a lot of us struggle with. Hitting the trail can help you lower your blood pressure. The fresh food on the Camino is also great for your health.

It makes you confident.

Scientists have proven that walking boosts your mood and makes you happier. Exposure to vitamin D from the sun, the peace of nature and good exercise release happy chemicals in your brain. You will feel reinvigorated and more confident after a challenging walk.

You will tone up

OK, so it’s common knowledge that walking can help you lose weight. But it’s also great for toning lean bodies. Abs, waist, calves and legs all benefit from a walk.

It strengthens your bones.

Your bones are the foundation that holds your body together. Walking helps improve your bones’ strength and your joints’ mobility. This is excellent news for everybody, especially those with mild arthritis.

Better Sleep

We all hate those nights when you twist and turn, count some sheep, and still can’t manage to get a wink of sleep. Walking helps reduce stress levels and uses much of your body’s energy. We haven’t heard of many restless nights on The Camino!

Reduces Cravings

Walking can help curve those nasty cravings for unhealthy food and drink. After a long day walking on the Camino, you can treat yourself guilt-free. But you may find you left your sweet tooth in the previous town.

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