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Camino Statistics: Nationalities and numbers

The annual Camino statistics from the Pilgrims Office in Santiago give us some interesting insights into the Camino de Santiago. This week we take a look at the number of pilgrims, where they come from and what age they are.

The Pilgrims Office only accounts for pilgrims receiving the Compostela certificate, number-of-compostelas-2016-caminoways-infographicmeaning they finished in Santiago. These figures don’t take into consideration the number of pilgrims who do not finish in Santiago, or those who don’t request the Compostela.

A total of 278.224 pilgrims reached Santiago in 2016 and received their Compostela pilgrim certificate:

Jan – 1,304

Feb – 1,733

Mar – 11,067

April – 15,120

May – 32, 787

June – 39,118

July – 45, 545

Aug – 53,788

Sept – 40, 197

Oct – 29, 289

Nov – 6,401

Dec – 2,875

Top nationalities on the Camino

Where are the Camino pilgrims from? Spaniards account for 46.61% (122.344) of the total number of pilgrims. After them, these are the top nationalities on the Camino de Santiago:

  • Italy 23.973 (15.58%)
  • Germany 21.247 (13.81%)
  • USA 15.248 (9.91%)
  • Portugal 13.258 (8.62%)
  • France 8.879 (5.77%)
  • Ireland 6.542 (4.25%)
  • United Kingdom 6,062 (3.94%)
  • Korea 4.544 (2.95%)

What are the ages of all pilgrims?

27.16% Camino pilgrims were under 30 years old
55.12% were aged between 30 and 60 years old
17.72% were over 60 years old

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