Join our Camino de Santiago Guided Tours

Join Our Camino de Santiago Guided Tours

Our Camino de Santiago Guided Tours are perfect for those looking to make friends and share this special experience with a like-minded group. From the moment you arrive, you will be looked after by our expert local guide.

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Our Camino de Santiago guided tours include:

An expert local guide speaking fluent English
En-suite room in lovely accommodation
Luggage transfers from hotel to hotel (so you can travel light)
Breakfast and dinner
A Camino holiday Pack: containing: the famous pilgrim passport and lots of practical information to make your trip safe and successful.
Most Camino Guided Tours include airport transfers for the group.

Your Camino de Santiago Guide

As the Camino de Santiago is very well-marked, your Camino guide is more a ‘cultural guide’ than a ‘technical hiking guide’. The guide is not there to show you the way but to give you history, context, and insider knowledge that you won’t learn in the books. Read more about our Camino de Santiago Guides.

Accommodation & Meals on the Guided tour

Camino hotels have a lot of character and are generally family-run. A good hotel is central to the Camino de Santiago Guided Tours experience. After a day of walking, you want to stay in a great bed, have a long shower, have a pleasant environment to relax, and have a 24/7 reception. We have also selected the restaurants for their breakfast and dinner. A Camino experience can not be complete without a fantastic Spanish meal; see our Food on the Camino article for more information.

Camino Guided Luggage Transfers

The Camino luggage transfers are a must-have. Each morning, you leave your luggage at the hotel reception at 8 am, which will already be there when you arrive at your next hotel at the end of your Camino Walk. It is easy with CaminoWays, and it works. Not sure if you prefer guided or self-guided? Read our blog: Self-Guided or Guided.

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