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WIN Camino books for Christmas

We are delighted to launch our Camino books for Christmas competition, featuring some of our favourite authors that have written about the Camino, walked the trails or spent time discovering the Camino culture.  Would you like one of our special Camino books as an early Christmas present or maybe you know a friend who would love to get a taste of the Camino over at Christmas time?

There is no better time to catch up on some reading time than sitting by the fire with a good book over the Christmas holidays. To celebrate the festive season we are giving away five fantastic books that offer different interpretations of the beautiful trails.camino-books-for-christmas-win-books-caminoways

Simply enter your name and email for the chance to win and we will pick one winner every week leading up to Christmas. Happy reading!

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We have teamed up with some amazing authors who share their journeys on the Camino, the stories inspired by the Camino trails and the lessons we can learn when we spend time walking the Camino de Santiago. You have the chance to win one of the following books:

Two Steps Forward by Graeme Simison and Anne Buist

As you walk the Camino you will meet people from all walks of life and Two Steps Forward certainly shows this side of the Camino. A love story and collaboration by well known author Graeme Simsion and his wife Anne. An artist and engineer bump into eachother on the Cluny Way, both are struggling with issues in the past. Starting out alone and discovering the joy of love and friendship along the way, this is a charming romantic novel. Graeme and Anne joined Karl for one of our weekly podcasts to give us some insights into their journey.

The Camino Way by Victor Prince

Certainly a different take away from the Camino experience, Victor applies the Camino principals to help us achieve successful leadership values. Through a set of seven timeless lessons we learn how the authors walk on the Camino trail gave him time to reflect, tested his will and emerge as a leader. This is the perfect read for business owners, entrepreneurs and future leaders. Read more about the Camino Way

Walking in Watercolour: An Artisits Pilgrimage on the Camino de Santiago by Jennifer Lawson

Jennifer creates the most wonderful story of her Camino journey through beautiful watercolour images. With a brush and paper Jennifer records her daily musings while walking through villages, vineyards and landscapes along the way. This is a personal account with the artists eye playing a key role. Read more about Walking in Watercolour

Santiago on Two Feet by Alastair Wilson

If you are looking for a detailed and readable account of the Camino Frances that provides tips and insights in a clear and endearing way then look no further. Alastair provides us with his step by step journey from Glasgow to St Jean Pied de Port to Santiago de Compostela. We were delighted to hear that this authors daughters Donna and Lorraine encouraged him to get out on the trails. Sometimes all you need is a gentle push. Read more about Santiago on Two Feet

Shadows, Shells and Spain by John Meyer

Canadian pilgrim John Meyer writes a fictional account of a Camino journey that brings us a little bit of mystery with a lot of romance. The character of Jamie Draper searches for his wife, Pam, who has left him without any explanation. Through a series of letters she has hidden across the trail we follow Pam’s footsteps and discover the Camino. This enjoyable read will keep you guessing. Read more about Shadows, Shells and Spain

These are just a few of many inspiring Camino books that have been written about the trails. If you are a bookworm then you won’t be short on the books on offer, you will find a few more here. We can’t wait to send you your Camino Christmas Present to unwrap under the tree from


  • Maureen Crowley from the USA has won Two Steps Forward by Graeme Simison and Anne Buist
  • Lena Quinn from Ireland has won Santiago on Two Feet by Alaistair Wilson
  • John Thompson has won Walking in Watercolour by Jennifer Lawson
  • Alison Hartley has won Shadows, Shells and Spain by John Meyer
  • Pat Boyle has won The Camino Way by Victor Prince

For more information about any of the Camino de Santiago routes or to book your trip, please contact one of our Travel Specialists.


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