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Where do I stay before and or after my trip?

where-to-stayWe offer all of our client’s a very useful personal travel planning services which is complimentary. The team is a group of experienced travelers, familiar with all of the cities and villages in Europe. Once you have reserved your Camino de Santiago trip, call or email us to discuss all your pre and post travel plans.


  1. By Maria

    Hi Jennifer,

    That would be no problem. I’ll get the customer care team to email you some suggestions. For your flights to London, there are direct flights with Ryanair (London Stansted) and Easyjet (London Gatwick). Let us know if you need anything else. Kindest regards.

  2. By Jennifer Saad

    Could you provde us (my husband and I) with some suggestions for accommodation, please:
    We have booked our self-guided cycle tour with Caminoways, to commence 18 Sept 2015.
    We intend to arrive from Llafrance, Spain to Pamplona to be ready for our cycle, on the 16th September. We would require 2 nights stay in Pamplona.
    At the end point of our journey, at Santiago de C, we intend to remain in Santiago de C for 1-2 days, and would also require accommodation there.
    Also, it is our intention to fly to London, England, from Santago after our stay in Santiago. Do you have any helpful suggestions about flights.
    Yours sincerely
    Jennifer Saad

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