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Where do I fly to start my Camino?

It is a question our Camino specialists get asked frequently  ‘where do I fly to start my Camino?’. Some of the full Camino de Santiago routes can take up to five weeks to complete so the airports will vary from route to route.

The most suitable airport will depend on various factors: the route you choose, the Country that you are starting in, the starting date and where you are flying from.

For walkers travelling from outside Europe you may want to fly into one of the major city airports in Spain. Madrid and Barcelona are popular options for walkers coming from the United States and Australia for instance.

We offer transfers to get you from the airports to the Camino start points and if you need information our team are always here to help.

Camino Airports Map



If you are planning to walk the full Camino Frances from St. Jean Pied de Port to Santiago de Compostela the nearest Airport is Biarritz in France which is 55km form St.Jean Pied de Port and reachable by bus and train. The journey from Biarritz will take you over 2 hours so don’t forget to factor this time into your overall travel time. If it is your first time heading out on the Camino trail you may want to try walking for one week and the last week of the Camino Frances is just under 1 week. To complete this trail you will need to fly into Santiago de Compostela Airport.


Lisbon and Porto are the two best airport options for accessibility to the Camino Portugues. As you will be starting your walk from Lisbon then Lisbon airport is the perfect pick for an airport to fly into as it is just 6 km from the city centre. If you would prefer to walk the last week of this route than complete the full route of 29 nights you may choose to fly into Vigo Airport which is 25km from your starting point in the town of Tui or Porto Airport which would have a larger selection of International flights and is a little over 2 hours travel time.


If you are planning to walk the full coastal camino from Porto to Santiago de Compostela then Porto Airport is the nearest airport to the start of the trail. This is a beautiful trail and perfect for pilgrims who have two weeks available to walk.  If you are planning to walk the last section of the route from Baiona then Vigo Airport is just 30km from the seaside town of Baiona. There are buses that run daily, every 30 minutes to bring you to the centre of Baiona before you start your walk.


The Northern Way, famous for it’s delicious tapas culture, would take you over five weeks to complete in full but the most popular sections that cover a week of walking are the Camino del Norte in the Basque Country and the last stage of the Camino del Norte which leads you into Santiago de Compostela. To reach the start of the route you will fly into San Sebastian airport or Bilbao Airport. Both airports are well serviced internationally. For the last week of this trail it is best to fly to Santiago de Compostela Airport (87 kms away) or A Coruna airport (57kms away).


Camino Ingles or the English Way starts from the seaside village of Ferrol which is located approx 45km from A Coruña Airport. A bus will bring you to Ferrol and take around 30 minutes to get you to your destination. In A Coruña, there is a bus connecting the airport and the train station (Line 443 stop: “Avenida A. Molina”) (departing every 30 min). Santiago de Compostela Airport 85km: There is a shuttle bus from/to Santiago-Lavacolla airport to Santiago city, departing every 30min.


You can walk the Finisterre Way from Santiago to Muxia and also in reverse from Muxia to Santiago de Compostela. Flying into Santiago de Compostela Airport is by far the easiest option for this route. The airport is 11km from the city centre and there are plenty of ways to get you to your preferred starting point from here.


Lyon airport is 145km from Le Puy en Valey. Trains run three times per day and takes approximately 2 hrs 15 minutes to get you to Le Puy en Valey. The picturesque town of Conques is a popular starting point for Le Puy Way. There are two airports nearby, Rodez airport is located 40km from Conques and the easiest option as it has a bus and train service that runs daily. Aurillac Tronquire Aiport is also nearby but only reachable by car so you would need to get a taxi or rent a car to get to your starting point. The nearest major International airports are Toulouse Airport which is approximately 2 hr 20 minutes drive away.

We organise transfers on all of the Camino routes to get you to your preferred destinations, just ask us.

These are the most popular Camino trails and we will try our best to keep this page updated with the most suitable airports to fly into to start your Camino journey. If you have any questions about the routes or would like to speak to one of our travel specialists please do not hesitate to contact us.


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