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COVID-19 June 2020: What’s next for hotels in Spain?

Over the past two months, we have talked daily to our suppliers and partner hotels on the Camino.

We have been in touch with some of our hotels in Galicia, Santiago, and Sarria to name a few.

We wanted to find out how they will begin to reopen Post COVID-19.

Reopening hotels in Spain

The state of emergency in Spain was extended to June 21st 2020. Once that is lifted, the quarantine requirement is also expected to lift and some internal tourism will commence.

Over half of Spain has moved into the next phase of reopening and things are looking very positive for the tourism industry.

Recently we received an update from the Spanish Tourist Board with recommended government guidelines for reopening.

It’s expected that all hotels will be compliant with the strictest health and safety guidelines which will mean a safe reopening for all, staff and clientele alike.

Health & Safety Measures for Hotels in Spain

Post COVID-19, reopening the hotels will involve a lot of substantial changes for the way hotels currently operate.

Some of the most important changes are outlined below:

  • Cashless and preferably Contactless Payments for every service in the hotel
  • Reception and waiting areas will have distance markers
  • Cleaning and disinfecting of the hotel will be done constantly throughout the day, especially in common areas
  • A possible in-room service for breakfast will be introduced
  • A decrease in numbers allowed in common areas – hotels may take bookings for breakfast & dinner times
  • In kitchens, an updated HACCP system should be implemented according to the COVID-19 context
  • Staff will wear masks and gloves when dealing with customers.

These are just some of the major changes that hotels will be implementing for their guests to ensure health & safety is a priority when you visit the Camino.

When will hotels in Spain reopen?

Over 80% of the hotels, we talked to hoped to reopen their doors in June 2020. This was split between mid to late June 2020.

The remaining hotels hoped to open in early July.

With international tourism expected to commence from July 1st, hotels are hoping to have their new procedures in place and fully functional by the time international tourism returns.

We will be helping in any way we can through constant communication with our suppliers and through feedback from our customers.

What is doing to ensure the health and safety of clients?

I talked with Claire from our Customer Care team:
“We are reviewing all the properties we work with in every location on every route to ensure that we are always booking the best options available. We review the hotels and guest houses we work with based on location, comfort, staff feedback, meals, etc. We are also adding some new accommodation options to ensure as much availability as possible on the Camino, especially along the busier routes.”

Right now we are also busy surveying our hotels to find out the details of how each hotel is implementing the new guidelines so we can assure you our clients of the changes made.

Click here for more information about hotels reopening and the Camino and COVID-19 or fill out the form below to talk to one of our Customer Care team:


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