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What to bring with you for the Camino

The Camino de Santiago is a big adventure and needs to be taken seriously. For this reason we decided to share what we think must be taken with you while walking. Of course this list is not all-comprehensive and has to be adapted depending on the person and the part of the Camino walked, but still, it gives you a good and precise enough idea of what to bring!
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General Year Round Walking shoes – Boots in mountainous terrain in winter only)
Year Round Socks for walking & others for evenings (Merino Wool is best – light, no smell, no irritation)
Year Round Hiking pants – Convertible recommended. (No jeans or tracksuit)
Year Round After-hike shoes (or sandals)
Year Round Short-sleeved shirts or Tshirts (Merino Wool is best – light, no smell, no iritation)
Year Round Long sleeved shirt
Year Round Polar fleece
Year Round Travel Shirt
Year Round Underwear – Thermal only in winter
Year Round Sun hat or cap
Year Round Daybag (15-20l) – If you have booked the luggage transfers with us :)
Year Round Sunglasses
Year Round Toiletries
Year Round Water bottle (i.e.: Platipus)
Year Round Walking sticks
Year Round Sun cream
Year Round Energy bars
Winter Warm hat
Winter Extra clothing for cold sensitive
First Aid Year Round Anti-inflammatory cream or Arnica
Year Round Plasters
Year Round Blister plasters – Compede is the most famous brand
Year Round Aspirin/Paracetamol for headaches or other pain
Spring Antihistamine tablets – For Alergies
Handy to have Year Round Flashlight – With batteries
Year Round Camera
Year Round Binoculars – Spain is one of the best birdwatching country
Year Round General antibiotics
Year Round Powdered drink mix
Year Round Books – to have some rest after walking :)
Year Round Toilet paper – You will generally find cafes en-route, but toilet roll is not always available
Year Round Games for evenings
Year Round Safety pins, Needle and thread
Winter Plastic bags – If you travel in refuges, to keep your clothes dry
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