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What should I do in case of emergency?

What should I do in case of an emergency?

Firstly, we ask you to be covered by travel insurance when you go on your Camino de Santiago trip.

Basic cover generally includes:


Emergency medical care abroad, personal accident, out-patient medical expenses, repatriation (Sometimes).

When things go wrong with your travel plans: If the trip is cancelled, if you miss your departure if there’s any travel delay, if you lose your luggage, travel home care.

Losing money, passport, and important things: including lost passport expenses, lost money, cover personal liability, legal expenses
PS: Check with your credit card company if you are not already covered by them?

Our Guarantees:

On a guided tour, the guide will be with you. He/she has been trained for First Aid and carries a mobile phone. He/she is constantly in contact with you and with us, at Camino Ways headquarters.

On a Camino de Santiago self-guided tour, we provide you with a 24/7 assistance phone number.

If you have booked an airport transfer with us, make sure you contact us if your flight is delayed so we can notify the taxi driver and avoid extra charges.


If you are cycling, bear in mind that our 24/7 helpline will give you advice on where to find the nearest bike repair shop, taxi drivers, etc… but our support doesn’t include bike repairs on the Camino. Bikes include a basic repair kit and we recommend you cycle the Camino only if you have some experience as a cyclist and are familiar with essential bike maintenance (how to change a tyre for example and basic bike repairs and assembly). It is important that you check your bike on your arrival date, to make sure everything is in order (similarly to when you rent a car). You will be responsible for bike repair costs. What should I do in case of an emergency

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