What is the most popular Camino de Santiago route?

Figures from the Pilgrim Office in Santiago de Compostela can give us quite an accurate idea of the most popular Camino de Santiago routes.

Statistics take into account the number of pilgrims obtaining the ‘Compostela’ certificate which means they have walked at least the last 100km to Santiago de Compostela (or cycled at least 200km) and not the total number of people on each of these routes. However it will give you an idea of which ones would be the most popular Camino de Santiago routes.

camino-training-tips-caminowaysYou can see the number of pilgrims travelling on each particular Camino and the percentage in relation to the total number of ‘Compostelas’ issued (*Year 2012 statistics, we’ll share the figures for 2013 as soon as they are released):

-French Way / Camino Francés 134,979 (70,12%)
Portuguese Way / Camino Portugués 25,628 (13,31%)
Northern Way / Camino del Norte 12,919 (6,71%)
Vía de la Plata 8,163 (4,24%)
Original Way/ Camino Primitivo 6,349 (3,30%)
English Way / Camino Inglés 3,577 (1,86%)
-Other 873 (0,46%)

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  1. By Maria

    Hi David, the most popular place to start would be Sarria (100km mark) on the French Way (5 walking days) but it really depends on the time you have available and the route you’d like to follow.
    If it’s your first time, the French Way is probably the best option, as it is the most sociable and busy with pilgrims, you can literally start at any point along the route (although starting in major cities or towns is easiest in terms of reaching your starting point by public transport). Second most popular route is the Portuguese Way. Here’s a blog with the top 10 Camino starting points that might help: http://caminoways.com/top-10-camino-de-santiago-starting-points. I hope this helps!

  2. By David Reale

    Could ye send me on more information re best place to start please?thanks and how many days roughly would it take?

  3. By Maria

    Hi Mark, at the moment the Pilgrims Office only registers those walking to Santiago de Compostela but we’ll try to find numbers for Fisterra. It is a great route!

  4. Any idea how many pilgrims a year continue on to Finisterre? Regards.

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