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Camino FAQ: What is the Holiday Pack?

The holiday pack is an essential part of your Camino de Santiago trip with These holiday packs have been prepared by the team, after travelling and researching different destinations. The holiday pack contains all the information you need to enjoy your holiday with



The holiday pack is generally sent one month before departure. *For last minute bookings: your holiday pack will be sent as soon as possible.


You will receive some of the information by email and some information by post.


The holiday pack includes

By email: vouchers with hotel information about your accommodation for each night and their location; as well as details for other services booked for your trip such as airport transfers; cycling/walking notes and maps (or a guide book by post, depending on the route and availability).

This information will be emailed to you and it is very important you download it, read it at home and print it to take with you on your trip.

*We now have way points for Garmin GPS devices for most of our Camino de Santiago routes, ask the team if you need them.

By post: luggage tags for the group (to be attached to your luggage during the trip) and pilgrim passports (and guidebook when/if necessary).

Our walking notes and practical information reflect the route as accurately as possible and are updated by the team as often as possible. Like with any other holiday, in addition to our walking notes, we recommend you bring any additional literature you might have, as well as reading about the route and the area before you travel for additional information about events, culture, etc… a good starting point is the blog, where you can read our latest articles related to the Camino routes, such as interesting facts, places not to miss, upcoming festivals and other updates written by the team each week.

This is the pilgrim passport also known as ‘credencial’, provided by You should stamp it each day during your Camino, tracking your journey’s progress.


This is the tag that will be sent to you and you should attach to your luggage so it can be transferred from hotel to hotel each morning and easily identified by our transporters.


You only need to write your booking reference and contact details.

Our transporters have more tags, so if the tag gets damaged they will replace them with your details, you don’t have to worry.

Here’s an easy to follow ‘How to download your holiday pack’ video:

For more information about the holiday pack, services or to book your trip, contact our travel specialists


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