The Ways in the Algarve

The Algarve area of Southern Portugal is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. An Algarve Camino is perfect for anyone who is looking for an alternative to the traditional routes. Away from the hustle and bustle of the beach resort’s there are beautiful walking routes through the peaceful countryside of the region. Much of the popularity of the region lies in the climate which is good more or less all year round. This make the region perfect for a walking holiday at times of the year when other routes are affected by poor weather.

We have two stunning routes to choose from. The Via Algarviana travel through the low hills of the Algarve while the Fishermen’s Trail hugs the western coastline of the region. Both trails finish at the Southwestern-most point of Europe at Cabo St. Vincent and Sagres.

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The Via Algarviana is one of the most popular walking trails on in the Algarve. It starts in the town of Alcoutim which is situated along a beautiful river. The route continues for 300km to  Cabo São Vincente, nestled at the tip of South West Portugal. The route includes coastal trails, challenging mountain hikes and tranquil strolls that encapsulate the beauty of the Algarve.

The Fisherman’s Trail (also known as the Rota Vincentina) is a spectacular trail that meanders along the coastline of the Atlantic Ocean. Southern Portugal is simply stunning particularly with the backdrop of the ocean in your line of vision.

Visitors to the region will have the pleasure of experiencing one or both of these amazing routes,. Fishermen have utilised these trails to reach iconic fishing spots and ply their trade for hundreds of year. If you’re a fan of sensational cliffs, unique towns and meticulously kept beaches than the Algarve will tick all the boxes for you. Spectacular cliffs, superb beaches and quaint fishing villages make this trail simply unmissable.

Please see below for our suggested itineraries. You can select the Ways in The Algarve to customise your route (start point, finish point and options that you would like to have). You can walk or cycle any of our ways.