The Via de la Plata – Mérida to Cáceres 3/10

The third section of the Via de la Plata Camino route starts in the city of Mérida, with its rich Roman heritage and sites; such as the impressive Roman theatre and the aqueduct. After leaving Mérida and its UNESCO-listed archaeology, you will travel North through slightly hilly and dry landscape where ‘cerdos ibéricos’ (dark brown pigs native to the region) seem to be the only residents at times! Long stretches with little shade can make this section of the Via de la Plata a challenge in the hot months so we have split many stages into shorter walking days. In Cáceres, make sure you take time to explore the walled town which retains a very unique medieval feel. The old town is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its interesting blend of Roman, Gothic and Moorish architectures.